Michael Trinidad
UFO Shufflers


Michael Trinidad (AKA Mizu), 26 years old, is from Torrance, California – co-incidentally right next to the well-known FTS studio where shuffle creations, connections and lab sessions come to life. He started his shuffle journey in 2008, which makes him a whopping 14-years-experienced shuffler. No doubt this is evident in his movement!

“I would consider myself a mixing pot of Melbourne, Malaysian, and Cali shuffling styles, as well as some cutting shapes with support from Krumping, Animation, Tutting, and just Freestyling”, he explains.

When asked the question ‘Why do you dance’, Michael responds:

“This is quite the loaded question, but I dance mainly because of the cardio workout, connections, the ability to express and because it is a healthy outlet for stress.”

Michael’s favourite EDM genres are Trance and Techno & his favourite festival is Dreamstate.

In talking about the future of shuffling he reflects:

“In 5 years I hope to see shuffling pushed beyond the limits of how we see it currently. I see shufflers on stage working together with DJs in a dually-beneficial partnership. I see the spread of the awareness of shuffling being used to delve deeper within ourselves, and to heal. I see shuffling as a gateway for many to open them up to the entire dance world, just as it has done for me. I also see a more united and collaborated collection of information of the entire dance in an online database.”

Fun fact:

He may look Mexican, but is actually Filipino; being born in the Philippines. He came to the U.S. when he was just 1 year and 2 months old.