Colin Gribble
UFO Shufflers


Colin Gribble is from Arizona, United states and is 30 years old. His dancer alias is Gribbz. A dance called the Melbourne Shuffle has become his #1 passion in life.

Colin has been shuffling for over 5 years now. He’s been dancing his entire life but started professionally training shuffling and other styles too at age 25. Now he does it full time! His dance styles are particularly Melbourne Shuffle, but he knows a little bit of Salsa, Country Dance, Hip-Hop, Break Dancing, Miami step, House step. Gribbz is multi talented!

“I dance because it feels amazing and it’s cool to watch yourself improve over the years. It takes my mind off the chaos going on in the world and it brings joy to others and I love to teach and spread my passion because “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away” – Colin Gribble

His favourite genres of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are house, techno, and trance, future bass, synthwave, indie, Nu-Disco, very futuristic beats or sounds. Gribbz has been to many festivals but his favourite festival to date is Dreamstate in Southern California (Trance Nation).

“In 5 years I see shuffling being taught at studios all across the United States, as it is becoming a more accepted and modernised dance style over here in Northern America” – Colin Gribble

Fun fact:

Colin Gribble started his own shuffle meet-ups in Tempe Arizona and have been helping it grow for 4 years now consistently. He has had many Dj‘s play at the shuffle meet-ups which have then gone on to be recognised. Today they play at bigger venues and festivals.

“I’m proud to say I helped foster them in some way, starting my own shuffle meetups lead to a world of opportunities!” – Colin Gribble