Shelley Dunnington
UFO Shufflers


Shelley Dunnington, 31 years old, is a passionate shuffler from Johannesburg, South Africa. Whilst naturally dominant in cutting shapes style of shuffle, she is also an active lover of the Melbourne style, and has dabbled in hip hop and afrodance too.

A true house music girl at heart, she adores the high energy and uplifting euphoric sounds and feelings associated with this genre. She enjoys exploring movement in all the various EDM genres as they tend to bring a different energy to her movement. She believes that shuffling is not just a physical dance form. 

“It is an expression, a connection to self, a healing, a vulnerability that opens us up as people and at the heart. It is a skilful practice, an active meditation at times, and an artistic performance. It’s a community, a culture and way of life.. a movement enmeshed in the EDM foundation of peace, love, unity, respect.” 

“Dance connects us and brings us back to the absolute crux of life and what it is to be human, to be alive and to create”, she states. 

“It holds power to change the world for the better – individual by individual. I’ve personally met the most authentically happy and raw part of myself through dance. It transmutes energy. We’re out here trying to lift the collective frequency, baby!”Shelley Dunnington

When asked where she sees shuffling in 5 years, she reflects:

“Shuffle is already being used as a therapy to improve fitness, wellness, and mental/emotional states. I think it will grow in the therapeutic field, as people tune in to the benefits of it.Shelley Dunnington 

With the rise of EDM and social media, shuffling has been taken from the underground scenes and catapulted into the spotlight. There is a perfect aligned pairing between EDM and shuffling, and music artists are seeing the benefits of their creations being brought alive visually and energetically by shufflers across the globe, turning this collaborative act into a more established professional relationship.

“It’s an exciting time right now because this space is expanding rapidly. I see big things to come!” Shelley Dunnington

Fun fact:

She is animal-obsessed; she has travelled a lot of the world working on cruise liners; she has hypermobility in her body which means some of her joints extend much further than the average human.