Albert Fuentes
UFO Shufflers


Albert Fuentes (AKA ‘vopflash’), is a 29 year old dancer from San Antonio, Texas. This man has been dancing his entire life and started venturing into the styles of shuffle about 15 years ago.

Because of his vast experience in many dance forms, he incorporates a little bit of everything into his flow.

“I love dancing. It’s my passion, it keeps me at peace and brings joy to my heart. It is also my therapy”

House and Techno are the EDM genres that really get him moving, and his favourite festival is EDC Orlando.

When asked where he sees shuffling in 5 years, his answer is straight to the point and heart:
“I see it impacting everyone in the world in a good way – as it has been already”

Fun fact:

He calls himself a “Fatty for food”