Allison Gonyar
UFO Shufflers


Originally from the East Coast of the United States, Allison is 24 years old and has been shuffling since she was 21.

At the start of her journey, she began to teach herself the style of cutting shapes and mainly danced to Bass House. As her style evolved and she tapped into what was true to her personal expression, she moved into Melbourne style shuffling and found a love for Deep House, Disco House, Techno and Trance. This has created an unique and interesting hybrid flow that is unique to her. Allison is now also working on adding MAS style shuffling to her dancing as well.

“I was initially attracted to shuffling because it was described to me as being able to express myself through music, and I always loved dancing. I didn’t realize that when I started shuffling I was also deepening my journey of healing through the connection to my body that was being fostered. I loved letting my body move naturally and seeing what came out. Tapping into this state of flow in my dancing has also helped me tap into it in other areas of my life.” – Allison Gonyar 

Although she has loved every festival she’s been to, her favorite festival was Paradiso at the Gorge in Tacoma, Washington. The energy of this festival, and the magical location that it’s at, was what inspired her to start shuffling and that changed her life forever.

“I see shuffling becoming one of the most popular styles of dancing in the next 5 years. I also see it being a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual evolution in those that choose to partake. This dance goes beyond just the movement and takes its participants into the emotional and spiritual realms. Not only will shuffling be surging through dance studios all across the world, but it will be used as a tool for deep personal transformation as well.” – Allison Gonyar 

Fun Fact:

Allison never had any formal dance training as a child but would always leap and spin around her house when she was younger, as if she was a ballerina. She has always had the inclination to be a dancer.