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To submit your demo to us please select a label that you are interested in releasing with below. Your demo will then be submitted to our A&R team who will listen to and consider it for release on the requested label. Please only send finished tracks, no work-in-progress or untitled material.

Please note that we receive a lot of demos every day and unfortunately we can’t accept them all so if your demo is declined by us, don’t be discouraged, we might be looking for a different genre or the track might not be a fit. We respond to all demo submissions within 2-5 working days and if your demo is declined, keep sending new music to us.

If you are sending in a track for the first time, include all your details and try to be as descriptive and precise with your application as possible. Remember, professionalism is valued here at UFO Network and we are looking to invest in musicians that are serious about their trade so take your time when submitting music to us and see it as a job interview. Good luck and hear from you soon!

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UFO Recordz

UFO Recordz is an established and independent record label with headquarters in Durban, South Africa and Helsingborg, Sweden. Established in 2015 by Jacques Julie and Darren Bezuidenhout, the label accepts all EDM genres. If this label is for you, submit a demo below:

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Soundrive is a Swedish record label. The label is an imprint to UFO Recordz and is owned by UFO Network. All music genres are welcome. We specialize in all genres and is a label with great branding and marketing. If this label is for you, submit a demo below:

Lrm Logo - White (Triangle)

Luna Rising Music

Luna Rising Music is an independent record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. Formed on the shared pursuit of sonic bliss, we’re here for the music. Founded by EDM duo Pascal and Pearce. All EDM genres are accepted. Submit a demo below:

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