Our Team

See the amazing team of professionals that make all possible at UFO Network. Contact us using the contact forms below. We are an international music entertainement company that specialize in EDM music promotion, news and media. Feel free to get in touch over on Instagram or Facebook too. 

Jacques Julie

Jacques Maurice Julie Ceo Ufo Network

CEO & Co-Founder

Sweden | Head of Tech & Public Relations

Darren Bezuidenhout

Staff Images 4 Photo

CEO & Co-Founder

South Africa | Head of A&R and Record Labels

Roma Bezuidenhout

Roma Staff Image Photo


South Africa | Head of Journalism

Steve Marks

Steve Marks A&Amp;R At Ufo Network

A&R | Press & Media

Germany | A&R & Label

Michelle Julie

Michelle Julie Head Of Hr At Ufo Network

Project Manager

Sweden | Head of Project Management

Shelley Dunnington

Shelley Dunnington

Social Media Manager

South Africa | Head of Social Media

Colin Gribble

Colin Gribble

Project Manager

United States | Project Management