David Rubenstein
UFO Shufflers


There is a language that is spoken all around the world, although it has no words. It is a language of rhythm and expression, of movement and mood.

This language is dance. And David Rubenstein has made it his mission to spread his love and knowledge of dance that he’s acquired in the past 12 years to everyone across the world. From the dark techno clubs of Berlin, all the way to the beaches of Playa del Carmen, David has picked up various dance styles and philosophies throughout his travels.

He has learned his craft from some of the greatest teachers in the shuffle world. David is a shuffle enthusiast and part-time historian of the dance. He has mastered moves from various shuffle styles like UK-style shapes, Malaysian, Russian, Cali and Melbourne shuffling.

His mission is to share his love and knowledge of dance with the world. He believes that dancing is a language—a physical vocabulary to express one’s own life story through movement.

Fun fact:

David is certified to write 225 words per minute!