Michelle Julie
UFO Shufflers


Michelle Julie is from Helsingborg Sweden and is 32 years old. She was a late bloomer as she started shuffling 2 years ago but her passion for shuffle runs deep and EDM music is her go-to. What started out as dancing in her living room suddenly flourished into dancing outside and on festivals. Oh she sometimes goes to the underground raves.

Michelle’s personal dance style preference is predominantly Melbourne Shuffle. But she does cutting shapes too. She recently took a hip hop class to progress in her overall dancing. She’s a movement lover and isn’t afraid of trying new things.

”I find freedom in dance and thats my biggest reason why I dance. Its my meditation. Its my sweet escape when nothing else makes sense. Its my way of intensify my emotions when listening to music. And to be able to extend music in dancing is just a euphoric feeling” – Michelle Julie

Theres a lot of favourite genres of EDM Michelle listens to but if she has to pick one it’ll be House. Techno is not far behind!

In 5 years time, Michelle hopes that shuffling will become a household dance style. She wants to establish shuffling in the EDM scene since she feels it belongs there.

”I feel personally that shuffling has got a lot of attention lately ever since TikTok came around. Which is good for us! There are some misinterpretations of what shuffle really is and I hope people will understand that shuffle is more than just a trend with cool footwork. Its a culture, its a lifestyle with history” – Michelle Julie

Fun fact:

I was offered to be a part of a music video before I learned how to shuffle and for a month I spent everyday learning how to just to be able to pull it off, and I did!