Sarah McVey
UFO Shufflers


Born and raised in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona Sarah McVey 22 years old has danced for as long as she can remember. Sarah started to take dance lessons and cheerleading at a young age. She took a break during high school only to be reignited after attending her first EDM event in October 2018.

“I decided I would learn how to shuffle and experiment with various flow props, and my creative movement has been blossoming ever since” – Sarah McVey

She considers herself to be a hybrid shuffler as she combines different styles of shuffle such as Cutting shapes and Melbourne. Her style is also influenced by Hip Hop.

“I dance because I love the joy and euphoria of being completely in tune with the music and hitting every beat while expressing myself in ways words never could” – Sarah McVey

Sarah explains further that “Those particularly magical and synchronized moments happen when I’m experiencing live music at a show or festival”

Her favourite genres of EDM are Bass House, Deep House and Experimental Bass.

Fun fact:

She has a passion for the visual arts and likes to paint, wire wrap, and crochet.