Anna Prassl
UFO Shufflers


Anna Prassl is a 27 year old dancer from Vienna, Austria and has been shuffling for four years. Her love for dance and music started in middle school, when she found Hardstyle through friends and cousins – she has been hooked ever since!

Through her love for higher BPM she is focusing on Melbourne Shuffle, especially Rocker Style, which has brought her so much joy, that she started building the local community – hosting meet ups in Austria every week! Anna stepped into teaching the dance around two years ago, when she saw that many people were interested in the culture and moves, further growing the community. While coming from a hard dance background, not leaving out any major event, she also grew to love techno and deep house. Dancing to her, is a way to connect to herself and express all emotions one can feel!

“Shuffling has not only brought wonderful friends into my life, but also helped me to show who I am. Dancing is raw, it is real and you can not hide yourself when moving. It’s all about the music and to show how it makes you feel! No two dancers express the same way, no song makes you move identically – the way you feel when dancing with others is unmatched by anything. While shuffling takes a lot of practicing the fundamental elements, each dancer puts their signature on their movement early on in their journey and it’s wonderful to witness this expression and passion.”

Anna’s biggest joy is to share the adoration she holds for electronic music, which, she says, has led her to see the most genuine and euphoric smiles in her life. Being in the moment, not being worried about everyday-life and just enjoying the real self is what she adores about Shuffling, as well as the music scene itself.

“While the dance has been around for decades it steps out of the underground more and more. In five years I see this dance on even more platforms, stages and in dance schools. I have been teaching for about two years now and it fulfills me to see my students share the dance with their friends and families too, which contributes to the fast spread we get to witness over social media already now! This dance is therapy. You can do it anywhere and always – and it helped me through any hardship since I started and will help many others too! Shuffling will be a household name and seen in even more music videos, tv shows, and of course – at events, inspiring our fellow lovers of electronic music.”

Fun fact:

“I always loved dancing when going out, yet was super hesitant to start shuffling in clubs, so it took me half a year to finally be confident enough to just enjoy myself and share my moves with social media and people in public and I have not ever looked back, having starred in and directed several music videos since!”