Darryl Brown
UFO Shufflers


Darryl Brown, also known as Dottz Brown is our fabled all-styles, London based local.

Since the very beginning of his dance journey, practicing in a school playground at 15 years old, Darryl has been a unique piece of the UK Hip-Hop, EDM and House music cyphers, competitions and performances all over the country.

From Gliding to C-walking, Pop & Locking to Capoeira, Breakdancing and House Dancing with Cutting Shapes – you won’t easily find another self-taught Shuffler who combines elements of so many influences the way Darryl steps. Potentially one of the fastest technical steppers in the northern hemisphere, at heart, he is a true perfectionist of his flow and crafting his transitions.

Darryl expressed his passion and love for dance as an experience beyond the kicks and the concrete:

“When I dance, I absolutely go for it. I give it my all. Through dance there is this uplifting energy, and an elusive flow-state that just carries you away. Through my flow; you can see how I feel, what I’m hearing, and what I’m expressing, without any words. Emotion via Motion. It’s like every round of dance is a portrait; an artistic snippet of life at that moment; an energetic memory that you get to revisit with every video”.

“I’ve always found EDM to provide an atmospheric trance rhythm that lends so well to freestyling and natural flow stepping. It’s a perfect medium to lose yourself in, vary your tempo, and even express yourself integrating other styles. These past few years, through deep house music and with a smile, through lock-down we safely turned the streets into raves, and the parks into festivals every weekend, with people jumping on the same beat. Just music, no drama, no politics, no differences”.

Darryl continues expressing his views on the shuffle community as a whole:

“As the scene grows further every year, I’ve witnessed the positivity and happiness of so many as they learn to express themselves with their own movement. The shuffling community has always been so inviting, and accepting of others. Not long from now, it will be so realised and accessible, there will be choreography in schools, in gyms; and flash mobs of trend steppers in every city around the world. Music is the wave, and dancers of all origins, skill levels and styles can surf it together. There’s no right or wrong way to surf it. And it’s always been so much more fun when we invite, support and experience it together”.

Now 30 years old, our Aquarius legend continues to contribute to the UK Shuffle scene, smashing dozens of cyphers, battles and public exhibitions across London and the surrounding cities.

Fun fact:

Now a qualified architect, Darryl currently designs numerous residential and student accommodation developments across London.
He is also 1 of 7 siblings, the sixth dragon ball in the line. His siblings all also have an affinity for producing art, music, media and contributing to London culture.