IMS Ibiza 2024: Celebrating the Global Ascension of Amapiano and African Dance Music

IMS Ibiza 2024 Elevates Amapiano and African Dance Music to the Global Stage

In its 15th edition, IMS Ibiza continues to serve as a beacon for electronic music culture, this time turning the spotlight on Amapiano and African dance music. These genres have captured global attention, evolving from local South African rhythms to worldwide phenomena. This year’s summit will not only celebrate these sounds but also delve into their cultural significance through discussions with key industry figures and live performances.

The Rise of Amapiano and African Dance Music

Originating in the townships of South Africa, Amapiano has transcended its local boundaries to captivate a global audience. This segment will explore the genre’s roots and its seamless blend of deep house, jazz, and kwaito elements, which have contributed to its unique sound and broad appeal. The narrative will also touch on the broader category of African dance music, highlighting its diverse influences and dynamic evolution.

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Spotlight on Sarz: A Keynote Interview

Nigerian DJ and producer Sarz, known for his work with global superstars like Beyoncé and Drake, will be featured in a keynote interview. This section will provide insights into his creative process, his impact on the Afrobeats genre, and his views on the future of African dance music. The interview aims to provide IMS attendees with a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the genre’s international success.

Beyond his collaborations with global icons, Sarz is celebrated for his solo projects and his contributions to the expansion of African music. His work not only showcases his prowess in music production but also highlights his commitment to promoting African culture through music. Sarz’s approach to music is characterized by a deep respect for his roots combined with a forward-thinking perspective, making him a key figure in the evolution of African and global dance music.

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Panel Discussion: Amplifying Amapiano

A distinguished panel titled “Amplifying Amapiano & African Dance Music: The Journey of a Genre from the Township to the Global Stage,” presented by Ballantine’s True Music, will be a cornerstone of the summit. It will feature prominent figures such as Dare Balogun, Grace Ladoja, and Sarah Jane Nicholson, who will discuss the strategic moves behind Amapiano’s rise and its cultural implications. This section will detail the panel’s topics, providing insights into how these leaders have navigated the challenges and opportunities within the music industry.

Ballantine’s True Music Celebration

In conjunction with the discussions, Ballantine’s True Music will host a party showcasing the vibrant sounds of Amapiano, headlined by Sarz and Charisse C. This celebration marks a decade of Ballantine’s efforts to promote diverse music scenes, from Gqom to Amapiano, across the globe. The segment will highlight the brand’s commitment to supporting music communities and fostering a truly inclusive music culture.

IMS Dalt Vila: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The IMS Dalt Vila event, a staple of the summit, promises an unforgettable end to the festivities. Set against the backdrop of the ancient fort Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the event will feature performances that blend traditional African rhythms with modern electronic beats. This section will preview the artists, including KILIMANJARO and Sarz, detailing their musical styles and what they bring to the iconic closing celebration.


IMS Ibiza 2024 reaffirms its role as a pivotal platform for cultural exchange and industry insight within the electronic music community. By focusing on Amapiano and African dance music, IMS not only celebrates these genres’ artistic vibrancy and commercial success but also their potential to influence the global music landscape further.

About International Music Summit:

International Music Summit (IMS) was created in 2007 by Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong & Simeon Friend. A thought-leadership platform for industry, culture and education in electronic music, the organization champions ethical and sustainable growth and aims to be a catalyst for positive progress and transformation from the boardroom to the dancefloor. The flagship annual event of IMS, IMS Ibiza, unites thousands of delegates from across the global ecosystem of electronic music, incorporating a three-day summit, the IMS Business Report and the iconic IMS Dalt Vila closing celebration at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. IMS is co-hosted by Pete Tong and Jaguar (both BBC Radio 1), alongside long-term sponsor Pioneer DJ. Follow IMS on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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