Advanced Label Release Campaign

Advanced Label Release

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Launch your music career with UFO Network’s advanced label release campaign. This comprehensive package includes an official release on UFO Recordz, a professional press release, and Spotify A-list support. Benefit from extensive Spotify playlist inclusion, widespread news and media coverage across top EDM outlets, and submissions to over 500 blogs and podcasts. Our services also encompass radio pitching, chart registration, and dynamic YouTube story and shorts promotions. With UFO Network, you get premium services at unbeatable prices, ensuring that high-quality music promotion is accessible without the steep costs typically associated with industry success.

Original price was: 1,000 £.Current price is: 500 £.


Elevate Your Music to New Heights with UFO Network’s Premier Label Release Campaign

Unlock the full potential of your music with UFO Network’s all-encompassing label release package, meticulously crafted for DJs, producers, and musicians who aspire to shine in the competitive music industry. When you choose UFO Network, you’re not just releasing music; you’re launching a career.

Why Choose UFO Network?

Keep 100% of Your Royalties

Launch your track with UFO Network and retain all your earnings. We believe your talent deserves the full reward.

Comprehensive Media Support

Receive a bespoke media package tailored to boost your release. This includes captivating pre-save and ‘out now’ videos, professionally designed artwork, and social media banners that make an impact.

Extensive YouTube Exposure

Benefit from an official upload to our YouTube channel, home to over 637k subscribers. Watch your music resonate with a global audience [right here].

Professional Press Release

Our adept team of writers will craft a compelling press release, ensuring your music catches the eye of industry insiders and music lovers alike.

Broad Media Outreach

We’ll not only publish but also submit your press release to over 500 influential EDM blogs, securing guaranteed features within our extensive network, including top names in the EDM scene.

Radio and Chart Prowess

Gain exposure with submissions to more than 40 trusted radio stations and chart registration, amplifying your reach across auditory platforms.

Spotify Playlist Inclusion

See your tracks featured on UFO Network Spotify playlists, part of our robust Spotify trading campaign, designed to maximize your streams and fan engagement.

Social Media Domination

Experience a massive social media blast to our channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google News, VK, and LinkedIn, ensuring your music reaches a wide and engaged audience.

Story Features

Leverage our substantial social reach with story inclusions on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, connecting with an audience of 850,000+.

Exclusive Interview Opportunity

Share your journey in an exclusive interview with UFO Network, offering personal insights and fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

End-to-End PR Campaign

From the initial buzz to sustained publicity, our full PR campaign supports your release every step of the way.

Sync Deals and Publishing Options

Explore opportunities to publish your works with UFO Network Publishing and secure potential sync deals, opening doors to new revenue streams.

Ready to Launch?

Embark on your musical journey with UFO Network and experience a service that goes beyond just a release. We’re here to make your music heard, seen, and remembered. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or are ready to dominate the music scene.