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UFO Network’s XXL Advanced Promotional Package is tailored for both emerging and established artists, labels, and brands seeking comprehensive online exposure. Known for our innovative media design and robust online presence, this package offers a suite of services to enhance your music’s reach. It includes a featured HD audio-react music video, exclusive interviews, widespread social media campaigns, and more. Please note, YouTube uploads must be whitelisted due to our partnership terms.

Original price was: 500 £.Current price is: 350 £.


Elevate Your Music Career with UFO Network’s XXL Advanced Music Promotion Campaign

Discover the ultimate package designed to maximize your music’s impact and elevate your presence in the music industry with our comprehensive promotional services.

Comprehensive Promotional Services

Our XXL PR Package is favored by labels, DJs, producers, and artists looking to significantly expand their reach and improve their Google search rankings.

Featured HD Audio React Music Video

  • Dynamic Video Content: We design, render, and upload a featured HD audio-react music video to our YouTube channel, which garners around 3 million streams weekly.

Exclusive Media Features

  • Exclusive Interviews: Engage in an exclusive interview with UFO Network’s CEOs, featuring discussions on your latest releases or news.
  • Press Release Support: We offer to publish a separate press release provided by you, enhancing your media presence.

Spotify Playlist Inclusion

  • Enhanced Streaming Potential: Your track will be included in all UFO Network Spotify playlists, optimizing DSP algorithm triggers and increasing chances for editorial support.

Social Media and Email Marketing Blitz

  • Broad Social Media Coverage: We share your content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Community, and LinkedIn, ensuring wide visibility.
  • Targeted Email Campaign: An email marketing campaign reaches over 10,000+ DJs and producers, promoting potential Tracklist1001 support and maximum exposure.

Service Note

Please be aware that we require YouTube uploads to be whitelisted as part of our compliance with official YouTube partnership terms and conditions.


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