Shaping the Future of Sound: IMS Ibiza 2024 Visionary Summit Unveils Industry’s New Horizons

Embark on an insightful journey through IMS Ibiza 2024, where the future of electronic music is not just discussed but actively shaped by industry pioneers and visionaries.


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, where innovation meets tradition and culture intersects with technology, IMS Ibiza stands as a beacon of thought leadership and progress. As we approach the landmark fifteenth edition of the summit, it’s clear that this year’s gathering is poised to not only reflect on the state of the industry in 2024 but also to chart a forward-thinking course for the electronic music community worldwide. With an unparalleled assembly of industry pioneers, creative visionaries, and cultural influencers, IMS Ibiza 2024 promises to be a crucible of ideas, trends, and strategies destined to shape the future of music.

Shaping the Future of Sound: IMS Ibiza 2024 Visionary Summit Unveils Industry's New Horizons

Unveiling the Summit Agenda (Detailed)

The meticulously curated agenda of IMS Ibiza 2024 spans over three days, packed with more than 60 discussions, keynotes, and interactive sessions. This year, the summit aims to dissect the industry’s pulse, offering over 125 esteemed speakers a platform to engage with thousands of delegates in meaningful dialogue. The convergence of music, technology, diversity, education, and wellness under one roof exemplifies the summit’s commitment to fostering a holistic approach to industry growth and sustainability. Central to the summit’s ethos is the unveiling of the IMS Business Report, a critical touchstone for the industry’s valuation and strategic positioning. As co-hosts, Pete Tong MBE and Jaguar will steer the summit’s narrative, focusing on the pivotal issues and opportunities that lie at the heart of the electronic music ecosystem.

Shaping the Future of Sound: IMS Ibiza 2024 Visionary Summit Unveils Industry's New Horizons

Rebuilding Our Community: A Focus on Unity and Respect

In a world where recent events have tested the resilience of communities, the electronic music industry is not immune to the challenges of rekindling its core values. IMS Ibiza 2024 addresses this head-on with ‘Rebuilding Our Community: How To Bring Back Peace, Love, Unity & Respect.’ This session, moderated by Georgia Taglietti of the Association For Electronic Music, promises a deep dive into strategies for fostering respect and unity within the fractured fabric of our community. The panel, featuring luminaries such as DJ Pierre, Madame Gandhi, and Ruth Daniel, alongside academia’s Professor Timothy Morton, will explore tangible ways to restore the industry’s foundational values in the face of adversity.

Visionary Keynotes and Leadership Insights

The summit is set to host an array of keynote addresses that promise to inspire and provoke thought. Mark Grotefeld of AlphaTheta will kick off the discussions with a keynote on finding meaning and purpose in the industry, followed by Michiel Beers of Tomorrowland, who will share rare insights into the festival’s journey and its broader impact on society through the Tomorrowland Foundation. These sessions underscore the summit’s role as a platform for leadership, innovation, and visionary thinking, highlighting the transformative power of music as a force for good.

Diverse Dialogues at the Heart of Innovation

“At IMS Ibiza 2024, the spectrum of keynote interviews spans the breadth of the electronic music industry and beyond, showcasing the vibrant diversity and dynamic evolution of this global community. From the pulsating rhythms of Amapiano with superstar Sarz to the transformative wellness discussions led by rising talents like Chloe Caillet, the summit delves into the narratives shaping the future of music. This year’s programming shines a spotlight on the industry’s luminaries, including Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, and Simon Dunmore of Defected Records, whose journeys reflect the resilience and creativity at the core of electronic music. These conversations not only celebrate achievements but also offer invaluable insights into sustaining success and innovation in an ever-changing landscape.”

Celebrating Amapiano: From Township to Global Phenomenon

In a special celebration of Amapiano and South African Dance Music, IMS Ibiza 2024, in partnership with Ballantine’s True Music, embarks on a journey to trace the genre’s roots from the townships of South Africa to its meteoric rise on the global stage. This session, ‘Amplifying Amapiano & African Dance Music,’ encapsulates the genre’s vibrant evolution and cultural significance, underscoring the summit’s commitment to fostering a globally inclusive music culture. Through discussions with genre pioneers and influential figures, this segment aims to amplify the voices and stories that have propelled Amapiano to worldwide acclaim, showcasing the power of music as a unifying and empowering force.

Shaping the Future of Sound: IMS Ibiza 2024 Visionary Summit Unveils Industry's New Horizons

Embracing Global Perspectives and Wellness

IMS Ibiza’s dedication to exploring the global electronic music scene is further exemplified in sessions focusing on Germany’s thriving dance music industry, the emerging genres breaking geographical barriers, and the unique challenges and opportunities within the SWANA region’s electronic music scene. These discussions offer a panoramic view of electronic music’s global impact, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange and mutual respect in fostering a vibrant and inclusive global music community.

Parallel to these cultural explorations, The Art of Areté’s wellness area, integrated into the summit in partnership with AlphaTheta, highlights the summit’s holistic approach to the industry’s health and wellness. From yoga and sound meditations to discussions on mental health and well-being, this segment acknowledges the critical role of physical and emotional care in the longevity and creativity of music professionals.

Forward-Thinking Spaces and Environmental Stewardship

The Brave Space, presented by HE.SHE.THEY., in partnership with Downtown & FUGA, introduces a curated content space dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusion within the electronic music industry. This initiative, featuring live podcast recordings and discussions, underscores the importance of creating inclusive spaces where diverse voices and perspectives can thrive.

Moreover, the summit’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted in ‘Music’s Power In The Climate Crisis,’ a session dedicated to exploring the electronic music industry’s role in combating environmental threats. This discussion aligns with IMS Ibiza’s partnership with EarthPercent, reinforcing the summit’s pledge to lead by example in the movement towards a more sustainable and responsible global music community.

Conclusion: A Unified Vision for the Future

Ben Turner, IMS Co-founder, encapsulates the essence of IMS Ibiza 2024, emphasizing the summit’s foundational goal of rebuilding and enriching the electronic music community amidst the complexities of today’s global landscape. This year’s edition is a testament to the power of collective action, innovation, and visionary leadership in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As delegates from across the globe converge on this iconic island, IMS Ibiza stands as a lighthouse of inspiration, guiding the electronic music industry towards a future defined by unity, creativity, and sustainability.

Shaping the Future of Sound: IMS Ibiza 2024 Visionary Summit Unveils Industry's New Horizons

About International Music Summit

International Music Summit (IMS) was created in 2007 by influential industry professionals including Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Pete Tong, and Simeon Friend. A thought-leadership platform for industry, culture, and education in electronic music, the organization champions ethical and sustainable growth and aims to be a catalyst for positive progress and transformation from the boardroom to the dancefloor.

The flagship annual event of IMS, IMS Ibiza, unites thousands of delegates from across the global ecosystem of electronic music, incorporating a three-day summit, the IMS Business Report, and the iconic IMS Dalt Vila closing celebration at the island’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. IMS is co-hosted by Pete Tong and Jaguar (both BBC Radio 1), alongside long-term sponsor AlphaTheta. Follow IMS on Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook & X (formerly Twitter).

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