Advanced PR Services

Advanced PR services for all dj's, producers and artists

Advanced PR Services

Our advanced PR services campaign includes a full detailed press release, Spotify a-list support, Spotify playlist support, news and media coverage on numerous EDM news outlets including external submission to 500 blogs and podcasts, radio pitching, chart registration, YouTube story & shorts promotion and more! Soundrive Music offer these services at an unbeatable price as we believe all musicians should be able to make use of such services and not break the bank and spend 1000’s of dollars while doing so.

500 £


We offer a well rounded package for all DJ,s producer’s, musicians and record labels. Our campaign includes the following but is not limited to:

  • Our team of experienced writers can create an informative and engaging press release that will get your content noticed by the public and media.
  • We will publish and submit your press release to 500 EDM blogs as well as secure guaranteed news features within our network and this includes some very established names in the scene.
  • Radio Submission to 40+ trusted radio stations!
  • Your track will be placed on the Soundrive Music Spotify playlists.
  • Social media blast to all our socials including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • YouTube, Instagram & Facebook story inclusion (850,000 reach)
  • An exclusive interview between You and our Soundrive Music CEO’s published with a paragraph or two on your latest release or recent news around you as an artist.
  • We will post a press release if this is provided to us by you separately from your interview.

And much, much more! Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


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