MR.BLACK Unleashes ‘Flight 303’ the Debut Single From His ‘Tranceformation’ Album

MR.BLACK Unleashes ‘Flight 303’ the Debut Single From His ‘Tranceformation’ Album

MR.BLACK unleashes ‘Flight 303’ the debut single from his ‘Tranceformation’ Album – out now on HYBIT!

There’s turbulence ahead as MR.BLACK drops high-octane hit ‘Flight 303,’ the debut single is taken from forthcoming album Tranceformation, landing this summer.

Released under MR.BLACK’s imprint HYBIT, ‘Flight 303, ‘ packs all the thrashing dancefloor energy and sonic innovation you’d expect from the Israeli superstar. A spoken monologue from the captain alerts listeners to the journey ahead with a panic-stricken riff building below. Next, MR.BLACK inflicts a pounding bass worthy of hangar rave, stylised with a hard techno-leaning edge and high-pitch electro glitches.

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Later introducing a less clean-cut and more emotively charged drum interlude before descending into the final explosive drops with MR.BLACK steering us into full-blown dance pandemonium with a dose of massive melodies and rich acid lines – the inspiration behind the track’s name was the distinct and infectious acid sound produced by MR.BLACK’s use of the Roland TB-303.

Known for bringing his pioneering hybrid of big room and trance to Tiësto‘s Musical Freedom label in 2017 remix ‘BOOM,’ MR.BLACK remains a force to be reckoned with in the dance music sphere. The label boss, DJ, and producer has scaled the charts with club anthems ‘Party People‘ and ‘Hu-Ha‘ going straight in at #1 in the Beatport chart. Whilst his DJ live sets at world-renowned hotspots such as Tomorrowland Unite and Life In Colour test even the most seasoned raver’s endurance of adrenaline-surging beats.

MR.BLACK pushed new boundaries in 2022 audio-visual project ‘Lift Your Energy’, which saw him deliver a pumped-up live set surrounded by Tesla cars displaying an immersive light show. It’s this forward-thinking creativity that puts MR.BLACK is firmly at the forefront and suggests that the 2023 album Tranceformation will be a spectacular journey into the mind of one of the scene’s most exciting trailblazers. Unleashes ‘Flight 303’ The Debut Single From His ‘Tranceformation’ Album

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‘Flight 303’ is the new single from MR.BLACK out now on HYBIT.

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