About Us

UFO Network is an all encompassing music entertainment company with focus on electronic dance music news & media, two record labels devoted to musician’s and a music publishing company . Founded in 2015 by CEO & Co-Founder and head of tech and public relations, Jacques Julie alongside CEO & Co-Founder and head of label management and A&R, Darren Bezuidenhout, UFO Network have become a respective EDM brand and authority in the music industry.

With over 15 years of experience between them, both Jacques and Darren bring their wealth of knowledge and passion for the music industry to UFO Network. From interviewing top producers such as Don Diablo and Joel Corry to breaking new talent such as BADDIES ONLY and Brocofski, UFO Network has something for everyone within the electronic dance community. As we continue to grow, our mission is to provide quality content that informs, inspires and entertains while fostering creativity and collaboration within the EDM scene.

Our operations are global. UFO Network offices are located in Helsingborg, Sweden, Durban, South Africa and Arizona, United States. We have teams on the ground in Germany and Switzerland.

Our team are passionate EDM professionals, producer’s & enthusiast’s who focus on quality and original content over quantity as well as building professional long-lasting relationships with artist’s, DJ’s, producer’s, singer’s, songwriter’s, brands and companies within the EDM industry. We are dedicated to providing our audience with the best possible experience and look forward to continuing to grow and expand our operations to every continent in the world.

What We Do

UFO Network is a brand that specializes in 5 different business models within the EDM industry and consider ourselves an all encompassing cooperation. This consists of a music entertainment company, a music publishing company, a music news and media outlet and 2 record labels, UFO Recordz and Soundrive, responsible for music licensing.

This includes a wide variety of services offered such as licensing deals, sync deals, signing of artists, bookings, events, mixing & mastering, music promotional campaigns, top-liners, production collaboration, radio promotion, pitching of music to DSP’s directly and much much more!


UFO Network Publishing collect the following claimed and unclaimed royalties on your behalf:

  • Performance royalties
  • Mechanical royalties
  • Sync licensing fees
  • Licenses for samples
  • Printing sheet music

We pitch your music to the following brands, entertainment companies and outlets:

  • Love Island
  • Netflix
  • EA Games
  • BMW
  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Departments
  • Mercedes
  • Vogue
  • Hulu 
  • Disney
  • EA Sports


  • We chase airtime at the following radio stations – BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, 6Music, Capital, Radio X, P3 Sweden, P3 Denmark, P3 Norway, 94.7 Highveld SA, 5FM South Africa and many more.
  • We pitch your music to all major DSP’s for editorial support and playlisting pre and post release.
  • We involve our artists in the media and design process for album art, social media assets, pre-saves and branding.
  • All our releases include a promotional campaign to the value of 1000 USD dollars which goes to our own  promotional partners as well as advertising campaigns.
  • Chart registration UK/US/CA/ZA/SE/DE/UAE
  • We provide all Pre-Save links and Smart links.
  • Pitching your release for retail playlists to over 4500 stores, such as Wagamama
  • Video delivery to VEVO and Tidal on request.
  • Video promotion on our own official channel (635k Subscribers at the time of this entry)
  • Pre and Post release strategy as to drive as much organic traffic and reach as possible.

News & Media Publication

  • We are registered partners of Google News and are a trusted news and media outlet in the industry. Our Website sees 1000+ unique visitors daily.
  • Privacy first! We take your privacy seriously and are GDPR ready.
  • Our site ranks in the top 40 EDM news publications globally.
  • Our team bring you accurate and factual news updates.
  • We have interviewed the likes of mainstream artist’s Don Diablo, Mike Williams, Curbi, Goldfish, VASSY, Sam Feldt, Morgan Page, Blasterjaxx and Karen Harding to name a few.
  • We work with some of the entertainment business’s top PR and management companies including The Media Nanny, Tomorrowland, Insomniac Events, Armada Music, Spinning Records, STMPD RCRDS, ULTRA Music and more.

Our Network

Since 2015 we have nurtured and cared for the community we have built and we have been driven by our love and passion for the industry. We have grown to be a very loved presence online as well as in and around the EDM music scene and have more than half a million followers accross social media platforms. Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, LinkedIn, Google News & YouTube. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – See our contact page.

Our Labels:

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