Exclusive Interview With Grand Soleil As They Drop Their Thumping New Club Track ‘Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)’

Grand Soleil Drop Thumping Club Track ‘Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)’ Taken from new ‘Club Nowadays, Vol. 1’ compilation due 3rd June via Nowadays Records

Rising French DJ / production brothers Grand Soleil are pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)’, lifted from the forthcoming compilation ‘Club Nowadays, Vol. 1’ compilation due 3rd June through Nowadays Records.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from old school house, funk, bass, disco and nods to French touch icons, Grand Soleil deliver the goods in their own inimitable style. They say: “It’s a track that sounds very French Touch like. We used a very round and funky bass line, and used some Daft Punk references (the crowd from “Révolution 909”, the noise from the ship in “Digital Love”, and the TB303 of “Da Funk” – hence the annotation “Homeworked”)”.


Tell us about the first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. How did you get started?

We started to make music together for real in 2014, we met Pain Surprises Records and then we release our first EP in 2015. In this EP there was “Indian Poem” that was pretty well received ! Since then we just kept on making music that really sounds like us. We moved on to a new label “Nowadays Records”, we met Sophie Ziessel our manager, and we released an other EP and finally an LP in 2021 (Human Error).

Tell us about your latest track ‘Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)’

We made this track for our Live (we perform live with both analog and numeric machines). The original version that we will release someday as well has a different TB303 line, but we played the TB303 part of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” on it for fun, and it fitted perfectly with the track, so we decided to keep it, thats why we added the title “(Homeworked) as a reference to their first album.

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Tell us something we wouldn’t normally find out about you?

We created our on label “Grand Soleil Records” with the desire to be very eclectic.
Also Drich is working on a video game’s soundtrack, and will release a new album with his solo project “Cartridge 1987”.
Pach is working on a solo project as well.

What single night out has been most memorable for you as a DJ and producer?

That will be the first gig post-lockdown with Nowadays Records at the Barboteur in Paris, June 2021 with La Fine Equipe, Ténéré and Fakear. It was sunny, very crowded, both us and the audience felt liberated.

Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Pach: Clair de Lune (Debussy/Isao Tomita)
Drich: Midnight Madonna (Memorex Memories).

Dream collaboration and why?

We’d like to collaborate with people that we really feel good with, humanly and musically.
We lately met the guys from “Chien Méchant”, two virtuous musicians, we would love to work with them. They released an awesome track on this Club Nowadays vol.1 !

If you could play any festival, which would it be?

Solidays, it’s a very well known festival in Paris.

How do you get a track started? Tell us about your production process

There is no precise rules, an idea can come up from a synth chord, or a voice sample, or a drum beat.
Sometimes we hear a track from another artists, or a movie, or a video game that really inspire us.

Upcoming projects? What are you currently working on?

We just finished an EP, that will be released soon on Nowadays Records as well. We just received the artwork from illustrator Emmanuel Picq (Epicq).
Then again, we are as well working on our label and our solo projects.

The relationship between a DJ and the audience is crucial, and yet is seems to be a fragile one – how do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

We don’t really think about this, we play what we’d like to hear on a big sound system. For exemple we often end our set with 10 min of 160bpm hardtekno, sometimes it works with the whole audience, sometimes there’s only 10 people jumping in front of us, and that’s ok with us 🙂

Exclusive Interview With Grand Soleil As They Drop Their Thumping New Club Track 'Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)'

In almost 10 years, Nowadays has never strayed away from its initial goal made very clear by its founders Ugo de Angelis (aka oOgo) and Vincent Leibovtiz (aka Chomsky): to create a collaborative space between artists – regardless of which shelf they are store in at the record store.

Nowadays Records’ catalog is aligned with the eclectic tastes of its founders, with productions ranging from trip-hop, house to proper dance anthems, but always keeping electronic music at its core.

The music label has always worked on multiple concepts to be able to bring its ideas and tastes directly to the stage. It started with the Nowadays Parties (live performances by the label’s artists) and kept going with a brand new concept called “Club Nowadays” which was created in 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and that first started via streaming.

As concerts came back and clubs started to reopen, the label officially launched its events activity. And for the occasion, Nowadays is presenting us with a brand new visual identity embodied by the Greek god Kairos that symbolizes the present, the right time. Nowadays is making it very clear about wanting to throw “the parties we would like to go to”, as perfectly summarized by Ugo de Angelis. Clubbing nights with DJ sets from artists of the label and others. So the whole crew will hit the road all over France starting spring, with the goal of making people dance thanks to its well established artists (Fakear, La Fine Equipe) but also through some newcomers (Grand Soleil, Ténéré, Jeff The Fool, Devoted, Phantom Traffic etc…).

Nowadays Records has never lost its taste for compilations. And after having released dozens of them so far, the label is planning to release new ones for the occasion. They will be directly created from these acrobatic nights of artists of different scenes coming together.

The release of the 1st compilation “Club Nowadays, Vol.1” is scheduled for June. It will feature some dancing tracks, and some house and techno sounds – but alway in Nowadays’ style – by the artists Chien Méchant, Grand Soleil, La Fine Equipe, Phantom Traffic, Fulgeance, Trifouille1er and Ténéré.

Nowadays is giving us its definition of club music. It may not be universal but it is unique and inextricably tied up to its image. And because Nowadays knows how to make its fans happy, a second volume is already in the making and more parties will be announced throughout the year…

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Exclusive Interview With Grand Soleil As They Drop Their Thumping New Club Track 'Kerbal Filter (Homeworked)'

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