Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Kendra Erika Enlists Tobtok To Remix Her Latest Single “Rapture”

South Florida pop singer-songwriter Kendra Erika released her latest single “Rapture” on March 18th following an exclusive premiere with Your EDM

Kendra Erika’s new single follows the success of her last single a remake of the “Princes of R&B” Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” in celebration of what would have been Aaliyah’s 43rd Birthday, as well as Kendra’s  dance remake of “As Long As You’re Mine” from Wicked featuring 2x Tony Award nominee, and American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis. Building on her recent achievements Kendra plans to release “Rapture” with a goal to create another pop hit that can follow the success of her previous five Top 10 dance hits including “Self Control” which reached #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

For the music video for “Rapture” Kendra has tapped talented director Tolga Katas (Stevie B) as well as famed designer Armando Farfan Jr. who previously worked with artistes like Lady Gaga as well as on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Those in attendance during Kendra’s headlining performance at THE TEA DANCE during NYC Pride this past summer got an early taste of “Rapture” when Kendra performed the hypnotizing new single for the first time to a packed crowd of her adoring fans.

Kendra now enlists Swedish electronic music DJ / producer Tobtok to remix ‘Rapture’ and you can hear it first here!

Kendra Erika had this to say about the remix  – “Tobtok really came through with this infectious mix. It elevates the song, and takes it to expansive places. I had originally told them I wanted them to feel free creatively when remixing it, and not feel parameters, and I really do feel that is why it resonates so sonically. The wingspan of this remix is incredible. ”

While Tobtok’s focus is fixed firmly on the dance floor, his music has also crossed over to enjoy double-platinum success and has generated over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. He enjoys consistent DJ and radio support (BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, CapitalXtra and more), is in high demand as a remixer and producer for other artists, and still finds the time to DJ around the world. Tobtok continues to prove he is a rare talent.

“Rapture” co-written by Kendra Erika and Ronnie “CHICO” DiCicco (JLo, Kristine W, Rihanna, Britney Spears) and produced by DiCicco sets the bar even higher for the dance pop singer-songwriter. When asked about her new single Kendra said, “”Rapture” encapsulates the very essence of who I am as not only an artist, but an individual, a woman, and as a performer. The song was written out of pure research and discovery of what my sexual nature is made of.

From the vocals to the production, both Chico and I wanted this one to capture and to release the primal essence of who I am, and what turns me on musically. Cinematic, dynamic, intense, and spiritually brazen. As far as the eye can see, “Rapture” is the bar that has been set and the bold and lustrous taste of what is to come from me.”

Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Kendra Erika Enlists Tobtok To Remix Her Latest Single "Rapture"

Kendra Erika is a spicy, bold, artist with a touch of vintage Hollywood complemented by the desire to help others. Kendra has worked with a bevy of Grammy winning producers such as Charlie Midnight; Jan Fairchild (Elton John, Mary J Blige); John DeNicola (Hungry Eyes and Time of my Life from Dirty Dancing); Damon Sharpe (Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez); Ned Cameron (Kid Ink, Lil Wayne); Mark Mangold (Cher, Michael Bolton); Luigie “LUGO” Gonzalez (Janet Jackson, Madonna, Barbra Streisand); and Ronnie “CHICO” DiCicco (JLo, Kistine W, Rihanna, Britney Spears).

Fans will get the opportunity to hear more of these collaborations with these amazing producers when Kendra releases her forthcoming album on her own label Oystershell Music via a new distribution deal with industry leader Symphonic distribution . Stay tuned to Kendra’s socials (below) for more information on Kendra as well as a plethora of other singles Kendra has ready to go for 2022 in the build to the release of her debut album.

Previous singles So Fly” “Avalanche” , Song Of Hope” , and “Gemini”  “As Long As Your Mine” Have Collectively Over 2.5 Million Views on YouTube! For more of the hottest & freshest in new electronic dance music and EDM news visit our ‘News’ page and connect with UFO Network on social media. If you are looking to get a track review or featured by us, send us a message over on our “Contact” page.

Much like Lana Del Rey, Kendra Erika’s style and vocal finesse mirrors that of old school Hollywood– PopDust

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Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Kendra Erika Enlists Tobtok To Remix Her Latest Single "Rapture"

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