Adventure Club & Nurko Team Up On “Color Blind” Ft. Dayseeker Via Ultra Music

Hot off the release of anthemic ballad “Safe With Me,” enigmatic duo Adventure Club returns with “Color Blind” featuring Nurko and Dayseeker. The single joins an impeccable roster of releases building up to the duo’s long-awaited album.

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As elated soundscapes dawn with hushed claps echoing in perfect unison, Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez serenades with ignited passion. Paralleling the tale of predestined soulmates told in “Safe With Me,” “Color Blind” stories being blinded by love and unable to acknowledge the warning signs.

While the first half of the tune is elevated with a deafening wash of tear-jerking future bass and rippling snares, Adventure Club switches up two and a half minutes in with a slowed, resounding breakdown. 

“One of our favorite dream collaborations to date. We absolutely love everything Nurko has been releasing, pushing melodic bass boundaries. Dayseeker is currently one of our favorite bands, so we’re completely honored to have Rory contribute his incredible vocals.Adventure Club

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“I’m so excited about ‘Color Blind.’ Adventure Club are absolute legends in the scene and a big inspiration for me  so working with them is a dream come true. Dayseeker’s voice is absolutely incredible so I wanted to make sure it was used as a lead in the drops. ‘Color Blind’ is about a person that you love, and even though things may get bad, and you see red flags, you are blind to them and continue to focus on the good, hoping the negativity eventually gets better.” – Nurko

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“‘Color Blind’ is about an old flame that I was once really attached to. I wrote about how you can see red flags and just completely ignore them when you’re seeing all these other things to love about a person.” Dayseeker

Out August 13 via Ultra Records, “Color Blind” pays homage to Adventure Club’s earlier trademark sound while continuing to build and expand upon every corner of the duo’s sonic repertoire. Seamlessly blending layers of emotive synths, driving basslines, and Rory Rodriguez’ exultant vocal additions, “Color Blind” calls to the halcyon days of dance music while simultaneously barreling into sounds of the future.

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About Adventure Club:

With numerous achievements under their belts, the electronic duo Adventure Club –  made up of Leighton James and Christian Srigley – has built an empire within the electronic dance community. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Adventure Club has  graced the stages of some of the world’s largest music festivals, crafted top 40 hits  “Crash”, “Wonder” and their most popular dubstep remix to date, “Crave You” by Flight Facilities – amassing over 34 million streams on SoundCloud – and released their first full-length album, Red //Blue, which went #1 on Dance and Electronic charts in North America.  

Over the past few years, while engaged in their own projects, the duo remixed songs from creditable artists such as Kehlani, Virtual Self, and collaborated with the likes of Snails and Sara Diamond. Most notably, their ‘Undercover’ club remix with Kehlani earned them a Grammy nomination in 2018 for “Best Remixed Recording”. Adding to this, the Canadian duo has been nominated for two Juno  Awards – in the categories of best new music group and best electronic album.  

Easily considered as one of the forefathers of dubstep, Adventure Club continues to push boundaries and keep the melodic genre of dubstep alive and thriving. The pair have their own mixtape series, ‘Superheroes Anonymous’, that streams to an average of 1 million listeners, and are now gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Love // Chaos. As much as Adventure Club has obtained a  renowned reputation in dance music, they continue to surprise fans by breaking barriers and leading a new direction of creativity in their music.

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