Exclusive Interview With Brussels-Based Artist Lexx

Exclusive Interview With Brussels-Based Artist Lexx. With a career exceeding two decades, Brussels-based artist Lexx, also known as Alexandre Cofsman, skillfully integrates groove, melody, and world music into his DJ sets and productions.

His passion for music was ignited during his teenage years while working in a record shop, where he developed a keen ear for unique sounds. This early immersion in rhythm and his experience in drumming and percussion led him to Paris in 1997 to hone his mixing skills.

Lexx’s career flourished with the success of his club nights in Brussels, notably the notable ON, which has been his mainstay since 2015.

His performances at major events such as Burning Man and Tomorrowland and appearances in clubs throughout Europe, Israel, and Bangkok have cemented his status in the music industry. Continually releasing new tracks with a modern twist, Lexx remains at the forefront of his art.

In light of his mighty single “Glory“, released on the esteemed Belgian Afro House label Deep In Your Soul, we sat down with Lexx for an in-depth interview about his musical journey:

Your career spans over two decades, during which you’ve witnessed significant changes in the music industry. How do you stay inspired and motivated to evolve as an artist continually?

I’ve seen major shifts in trends and experiences over the years. Staying inspired comes from a deep passion for music, embracing new sounds, and evolving with the industry. The support from my fans and collaboration with diverse artists keep me motivated and adaptable in this ever-changing landscape.

Your latest release, “Glory,” carries elements of world music. Could you share some cultural influences that inspired this track and how you weave them into your sound?

“Glory” draws inspiration from various cultural influences, including African rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies, and Latin percussion. I weave these elements into my sound by blending traditional instruments with modern electronic beats.

This fusion creates a rich, dynamic texture that celebrates global music traditions while maintaining a contemporary feel. These diverse influences add depth and a sense of universality to the track, making it resonate with a wide audience.

Your club nights at ON have become a staple in Brussels’ nightlife scene. What is the key to fostering community and connection through your events?

The key to fostering community at ON is our unique Sunday timeslot and iconic location in a desecrated church, creating an immersive experience. We offer a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can come as they are, fostering authenticity and genuine connections.

Our events focus on personal and musical discoveries, with a loyal, invested crowd that embraces the love of music and innovative sensations. This inclusive approach builds a strong, connected community.

Travelling the world to perform at festivals like Burning Man and Tomorrowland must offer unique insights and experiences. How have these global adventures shaped your perspective on music and life?

Performing at festivals like Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Voodoo Village, and Extrema Outdoor has profoundly shaped my perspective on music and life. Playing on big stages for diverse audiences has helped me surpass significant milestones in my career.

These journeys have also inspired me to incorporate more diverse influences into my work, enriching my sound and broadening my creative horizons.

Your background in playing drums and African-style percussion is intriguing. How do these rhythmic influences translate into your production process, and do they inform your approach to DJing?

My drumming and African-style percussion background heavily influence my production and DJing. I incorporate complex rhythms into my tracks, adding depth and energy. When DJing, these skills help me blend tracks seamlessly and maintain a rhythmic flow, creating engaging and dynamic sets that resonate with the audience.

Belgium has a rich electronic music history. What sets the Belgian scene apart, and how has it contributed to your artistic growth?

Growing up in Belgium has profoundly shaped my music, largely due to the country’s rich history of jazz clubs and concert venues. Belgium has always been a haven for artistic inspiration, attracting a wide array of musical talent and fostering a diverse musical environment. This long tradition of vibrant musical culture has deeply influenced my development as an artist.

Belgium’s electronic music scene, in particular, is a major source of inspiration. Artists like Junior Jack, The Magician, Soulwax, Amelie Lens, and Charlotte de Witte are remarkable examples of success in the electronic genre.

Their innovative sounds and international acclaim have motivated me to push the boundaries of my own music. These artists have shown that Belgian musicians can make a significant impact on the global stage, and their achievements inspire me to strive for excellence in my own work. Additionally, Belgium is home to international stars across various genres, which has further broadened my musical influences.

So, growing up in Belgium, with its rich musical heritage and diverse array of successful artists, has been incredibly inspiring. It has encouraged me to embrace a variety of musical styles and has provided a solid foundation for my own creative journey.

Exclusive Interview With Brussels-Based Artist Lexx

As a DJ, producer, and promoter, you wear many hats in the industry. How do you balance these different roles, and do they feed into each other creatively?

Balancing the roles of DJ, producer, and promoter involves careful time management and prioritizing tasks. Each role feeds into the others creatively. DJing provides immediate feedback from audiences, which influences my production work.

Producing allows me to experiment with new sounds that I can test in live sets. Promoting events, like my ON club nights, helps me understand the audience’s preferences and create more engaging music experiences. This synergy keeps my work dynamic and interconnected.

What goals or aspirations do you have for your music career? Are there any specific milestones you’re working towards?

My main goals are to continue evolving as an artist and reach a wider audience. I’m working towards releasing a new EP that explores new sounds and collaborations. Additionally, I aim to perform at more international festivals and iconic venues.

Another milestone is to grow my ON club nights into a globally recognized brand known for unique and immersive experiences. These goals drive me to push my creative boundaries and connect more deeply with listeners.

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