NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Deliver Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem “Restless”

NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger converge with Canadian singer/songwriter Mougleta for a festival-ready collab.

In the dynamic world of electronic music, Los Angeles-based NGHTMRE and Sweden’s Liquid Stranger stand out as two towering figures. NGHTMRE has earned renown for his ability to transcend genre boundaries, captivating fans with his eclectic soundscapes. On the other hand, Liquid Stranger has cemented his position as a titan in the bass music realm, constantly pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation. Now, these two heavyweights have joined forces for their highly anticipated collaborative effort.

Their first venture together, “Restless,” is nothing short of a sonic spectacle. Featuring the remarkable vocal talents of Canadian singer/songwriter Mougleta, the track is a testament to the collective prowess of NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger. Released on NGHTMRE’s esteemed Gud Vibrations imprint, “Restless” serves as the final installment leading up to NGHTMRE’s forthcoming ‘UNSOUND 2’ EP.

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The journey of “Restless” began amidst a flurry of successful singles, including “Thrilla” with Juelz and ShaSimone, “In Your Eyes” with Jon Casey and Pauline Herr, and “All Night” with Rezz and DeathbyRomy. However, it is with “Restless” that NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger truly showcase their collaborative synergy.

The track opens with Mougleta’s commanding vocals, delivering a message of resilience and empowerment. Against a backdrop of melancholic piano chords and tension-building percussion, her voice soars, evoking a sense of emotional depth. As the track progresses, NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger unleash a sonic onslaught, seamlessly blending uplifting melodies with thunderous dubstep drops. The result is a monumental anthem that transcends the confines of traditional electronic music.

NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Deliver Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem "Restless"

NGHTMRE reflects on the genesis of the collaboration, expressing his long-standing admiration for Liquid Stranger’s work. “I first found Liquid Stranger’s music back in 2009, when I was graduating high school,” he shares. “I’ve wanted to collaborate with him for many years, and after sharing a festival transport together, we finally got to meet and talk music!

Liquid Stranger echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of combining their distinct styles to create something truly special. “We wanted to combine elements of both of our sounds with a strong vocal to create an anthem,” he explains. “We took our time and really tried to give it the attention it deserved, making it truly special.”

As NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger continue to captivate audiences with their groundbreaking sound, “Restless” stands as a testament to their creative vision and collaborative spirit. With festival season on the horizon, this monumental anthem is poised to dominate airwaves and dance floors worldwide. See our official music review on this release [HERE].

NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta’s – “Restless”

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NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Deliver Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem "Restless"

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