IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family’s Lasting Impact

Discover how the IMS Legends Award 2024 honored the remarkable contributions of Elrow and The Arnau Family to the electronic music scene.


The prestigious IMS Legends Award 2024 is poised to honor the Arnau Family, whose enduring influence in the world of electronic music is exemplified through their creation of the iconic Elrow brand and Spain’s revered Monegros Desert Festival. This accolade is a highlight of the Beatport Awards, set to take place at the elegant House of WOW on April 24, marking a celebration of excellence within the electronic music landscape.

Historical Significance of the Arnau Family

The story of the Arnau Family begins in the 1870s with Juan Arnau Cabasés, who opened one of Fraga’s first cafes. This humble beginning marked the start of a journey that would see the family venture into various entertainment businesses. By 1943, they had established the town’s major cinema and later, in 1978, they launched Florida 135, a leading discotheque that became a cornerstone of local nightlife. Each of these enterprises contributed significantly to the cultural fabric of their community and laid the groundwork for the future global phenomenon known as Elrow.

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Evolution of Elrow and Its Global Impact

From its origins, Elrow has grown into a global tour de force, known for its vibrant and immersive party experiences that blend high-energy music with elaborate costumes and theatrical performances. The brand’s unique approach to creating an all-encompassing sensory experience has captivated audiences worldwide, securing an annual residency at Amnesia Ibiza and making notable appearances at major international festivals. Elrow’s success is not only a testament to the Arnau’s visionary leadership but also to their ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving world of global entertainment.

IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family's Lasting Impact

The Arnau Family’s Contribution to Modern Electronic Music

Under the stewardship of Juan Arnau Jr. and Cruz Arnau, the family’s influence has soared, particularly within the realms of electronic music. The Arnau siblings have revitalized their family’s legacy through innovative club concepts and the iconic Monegros Desert Festival, which draws enthusiasts from around the globe. Their efforts have helped to sculpt the modern electronic music scene, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in live music entertainment.

Role and Impact of the Beatport Awards

The Beatport Awards play a crucial role in the electronic music industry by recognizing and celebrating artistic excellence. Through a combination of sales data and expert panel assessments, these awards offer a transparent and meritocratic means of acknowledging the achievements of artists, producers, and labels that have made significant impacts over the past year.

The Beatport Awards, set to debut its inaugural ceremony in Ibiza in 2024, represents a significant milestone in electronic music recognition. As a renowned platform for DJs, producers, and electronic music enthusiasts, Beatport’s awards aim to celebrate excellence within the global dance music community. With categories spanning various genres, from techno and house to trance and bass, the awards showcase the diversity and innovation inherent in electronic music. The ceremony promises to be a culmination of talent, creativity, and passion, honouring the artists, labels, and tracks that have made a significant impact on the electronic music landscape. – Vote [HERE]

IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family's Lasting Impact

Significance of the Award Presentation by Pete Tong

The presentation of the IMS Legends Award by Pete Tong, a luminary in the electronic music world and IMS co-founder, underscores the prestige of this recognition. His involvement highlights the respect and admiration held for the Arnau Family within the industry, celebrating their decades-long commitment to enhancing and innovating the global dance music landscape.

IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family's Lasting Impact

The Future of Elrow and the Arnau Legacy

Looking forward, the Arnau Family continues to set trends and influence the global music scene. With plans to expand their event offerings and continue innovating within the realms of music and entertainment, the family’s future endeavors are poised to further cement their legacy as pioneers in the industry.


The IMS Legends Award 2024 bestowed upon the Arnau Family is a fitting tribute to their significant contributions and unwavering dedication to the art and culture of electronic music. As they join a distinguished list of previous recipients, their story is a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and creative passion in the music world, inspiring future generations to dream and innovate.

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IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family's Lasting Impact

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IMS Legends Award 2024: A Tribute to Elrow & The Arnau Family's Lasting Impact

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