Tube & Berger’s Latest Collab with Lina Colada: Unraveling the Groovy Goodness of ‘Like Addiction’

Tube & Berger make a triumphant return to ZEHN Records, teaming up with Bahrain-based DJ Lina Colada for their inaugural collaboration, “Like Addiction.”

Delving into the societal nuances of digital dependency, the track delivers a mesmerizing groove that ensnares listeners from start to finish. With evocative spoken vocals steering the journey, Tube & Berger and Lina Colada sculpt a rich, rhythmic soundscape, accentuated by vibrant synths and commanding percussion. Maintaining an alluring downtempo tempo, the track underscores the producers’ unwavering dedication to charting their own sonic course with each magnetic release.

Embarking on her musical odyssey in 2014, Lina Colada has traversed the globe as an open-format DJ, captivating audiences from the Middle East to Europe. Fuelled by a lifelong passion for music cultivated through piano studies, she honed her craft at a prestigious music school in Moscow before taking to the stage across her native Russia.

Relocating to the Middle East, Lina Colada has since established herself as a dynamic force in the region’s vibrant music scene. With an infectious love and boundless energy for her craft, she delivers electrifying performances guaranteed to keep revelers dancing into the early hours. Joining forces with ZEHN Records marks a pivotal milestone in her journey as a recording artist, opening new avenues for creative expression and exploration.

Internationally celebrated for infusing a rock & roll spirit into the realm of tech house, Tube & Berger’s influence resonates deeply within the global dance music landscape. Emerging from the punk rock ethos, the duo’s foray into electronic music was ignited by the groundbreaking sounds of Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers, inspiring them to craft their own electrifying tracks.

Tube & Berger's Latest Collab with Lina Colada: Unraveling the Groovy Goodness of 'Like Addiction'

With a stellar track record boasting over 100 million Spotify streams and electrifying performances at iconic venues worldwide, including Pacha Ibiza and Tomorrowland Belgium, Tube & Berger continue to leave an indelible mark on the scene. Spearheading their own record labels, Kittball Records and ZEHN Records, they curate a diverse array of releases from both established veterans and emerging talents alike.

Collaborating with an impressive roster of influential artists, Tube & Berger have consistently pushed the boundaries of the house genre, shaping its evolution with scene-defining tracks like “Imprint of Pleasure.” As they continue to pave the way forward, Tube & Berger’s impact on the electronic music landscape remains profound and enduring. Join the conversation and see our song review [HERE].

Tube & Berger and Lina Colada – ‘Like Addiction’

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Tube & Berger's Latest Collab with Lina Colada: Unraveling the Groovy Goodness of 'Like Addiction'

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