1st Elemental Unleashes ‘Sound of Duality’ EP: Exploring Techno’s Emotional Spectrum

UFO Network Unveils 1st Elemental’s “Sound Of Duality” Ep: A Melodic Techno Journey Through Life’s Contrasts

UFO Network, a premier platform for cutting-edge electronic music, is delighted to announce the upcoming release of “Sound of Duality,” an evocative EP by the Melodic Techno virtuoso, 1st Elemental. Set to drop on December 13th, 2023, this highly anticipated release promises to be a sonic exploration of life’s dualities, showcasing the artist’s unique ability to weave together light and dark, highs and lows.

Hailing from the pulsating musical landscape of Arizona, 1st Elemental shares the deeply personal concept behind “Sound of Duality.” Each track serves as a testament to the idea that every facet of life possesses two sides, a duality that coexists in harmony. From the play of light and dark to the undulating waves of highs and lows, the EP invites listeners on a profound journey through contrasting emotions and musical landscapes.

As an upcoming High-Energy, Melodic Techno producer, 1st Elemental has been making waves in the industry. Recently signed under Reload Records, a major Techno label owned by the legendary YellowHeads, his trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. The success of his previous EP, “Broken Laws,” is a testament to his artistic prowess, securing positions at #37 on the Beatport Top 100 Releases and #54 on the Beatport Techno Hype Top 100 within days of release.

1st Elemental’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the studio. Collaborations with international Techno artists and the production of full-length music videos featuring talented shufflers are just a glimpse of what fans can expect. Positioned to be an industry innovator, 1st Elemental invites audiences to witness the unfolding of his artistic vision.

With “Sound of Duality” poised for release on December 13th, UFO Network encourages fans and enthusiasts alike to join the musical journey crafted by 1st Elemental. As the EP marks a milestone in the artist’s career, it undoubtedly cements his status as a rising star and a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

UFO Network Unveils 1st Elemental's "Sound Of Duality" EP Out Soon Via Reload Records

About 1st Elemental

1st Elemental is an emerging Melodic Techno producer based in Phoenix, AZ. Recently signed under Reload Records, his dynamic sound and commitment to pushing boundaries have garnered attention in the electronic music scene. With chart-topping releases and exciting collaborations on the horizon, 1st Elemental is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.

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UFO Network Unveils 1st Elemental's "Sound Of Duality" EP Out Soon Via Reload Records

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