ADE 2023: Unveiling the Heartbeats of EDM – Anna Prassl’s Day 1 Highlights

From Exclusive Artist Interviews to Heart-Pounding Hardstyle Parties: A Day at ADE You Won’t Want to Miss. Dive into the Pulse of EDM’s Biggest Spectacle!

Welcome to the heart of Amsterdam, where the electronic dance music universe unfolds in all its glory. Day 1 of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023 was nothing short of a sensory explosion, as we ventured into a world where beats, rhythms, and melodies converged to create pure magic. From exclusive interviews with trance legend Ferry Corsten, the multifaceted artist Joris Voorn, and the Hard Techno prodigy OGUZ, to a thrilling journey through the Scantraxx Records Pop-Up store, and a relentless night of hardstyle at Dirty Workz’ “Dirty By Nature” extravaganza – our ADE adventure was off to an electrifying start. Join me, Anna Prassl, as I unravel the highlights of Editor’s Day 1 at ADE, providing you with a backstage pass to the heartbeats of EDM’s biggest spectacle!

Editor’s Day 1 at ADE 2023: A Spectacular Kickoff

Amsterdam, [Date] – Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the pinnacle of the electronic dance music calendar, kicked off in grand style last Wednesday. It was a week brimming with anticipation, weeks of meticulous preparation, and an impeccably scheduled line-up that promised a thrilling journey through the world of EDM. Our team was right in the midst of the action, ready to capture every moment.

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Morning Adventures at Amsterdam Central Station

In the early hours of Day 1, we embarked on our ADE adventure by collecting our press passes at Amsterdam Central station. The excitement in the air was palpable as we made our way to our first interview of the week, a meeting with the illustrious Ferry Corsten.

Ferry Corsten: Trance Legend and More

At the Andaz Hotel on Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht, I had the privilege of sitting down with the trance legend himself. The conversation was a fascinating journey into the multifaceted world of Ferry Corsten. While his popularity within the Trance community was a central point of discussion, we also touched on topics like his recent award of Orange-Nassau and his intriguing future projects. Watch this space! We will be dropping all three interviews soon.

Joris Voorn: Unveiling the Artistic Palette

Our next stop took us to the picturesque Hotel de l’Europe, where we met the exceptionally talented artist Joris Voorn. The conversation I had with Joris was an exploration of the intersection of photography, architecture, and music in his life. His insights into how these diverse interests impact his music were truly enlightening.

ADE 2023: Unveiling the Heartbeats of EDM - Anna Prassl’s Day 1 Highlights

OGUZ: A Journey Through Techno

Our Day 1 adventures continued with a rendezvous with the Hard Techno prodigy OGUZ. We delved into the differences in the techno scene before and after the pandemic, as well as the intriguing social media techno boom that the lockdowns brought about.

Scantraxx Records Pop-Up Store: A Hub of Entertainment

After gaining unique perspectives from these three incredible artists, we made our way to the Scantraxx Records Pop-Up store. Nestled in the heart of the city, the store offered a delightful range of entertainment, from free tattoos (featuring Scantraxx or their artists) to thrilling demo drops with DJs Demi Kanon, DJ Kronos, and Scantraxx’s GM Jorik Helmink. An auction of rare vinyl records for charity, new merchandise, and live DJs spinning the decks ensured there was never a dull moment.

ADE 2023: Unveiling the Heartbeats of EDM - Anna Prassl’s Day 1 Highlights

Dirty By Nature: A Hardstyle Dream Come True

To close off Day 1 with a bang, we ventured to Panama, where the Belgium-based Hardstyle label “Dirty Workz” was celebrating being “Dirty By Nature.” The night kicked off with DJs Ecstatic and Tony Junior, and the energy in the venue was electric. Psyko Punkz, label founder Coone, Technoboy, Tuneboy, Da Tweekaz, and Subzero Project vs. Hard Driver took the stage and delivered high-octane performances that kept the crowd in a perpetual state of euphoria. Rebelion’s powerful set solidified their status as one of the biggest names in the current scene, taking us on a wild ride with their hard kicks and pumping melodies. JNXD and Sub Sonik brought the party to an epic conclusion, leaving all Hardstylers more than satisfied.

ADE 2023: Unveiling the Heartbeats of EDM - Anna Prassl’s Day 1 Highlights

As Day 1 came to a close, we were more than ready to get some well-deserved rest, eager and excited for what Day 2 at ADE 2023 had in store. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and exclusive insights as we continue to navigate this electronic music wonderland.

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