Celebrate the Future of Music at Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: Your Gateway to Innovation and Inspiration!

Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: Prepare yourself for a transformative experience as ADE unveils its electrifying line-up and innovative sessions for 2023!

From October 18th to 22nd, immerse yourself in a world of ground-breaking ideas, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled insights that define the future of the electronic music industry.

Exclusive Keynotes and Expert Insights: ADE 2023 boasts a stellar roster of speakers, including luminaries like Adam Beyer and A-Trak, who will unravel the secrets behind their thriving record labels. Gain exclusive access to their expertise, learning the art of building trusted brands and thriving in the competitive music landscape.

AI Revolution in Music: At the heart of ADE Pro lies an exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its imminent dominance in the music world. Engage in deep discussions led by Google’s Creative Director, Matthew Carey, and Google DeepMind’s Hema Manickavasagam, unveiling the transformative power of AI in shaping human imagination. Don Diablo, renowned for his creativity, hosts a masterclass, guiding you on harnessing your uniqueness in an AI-driven era.

Celebrate The Future Of Music At Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: Your Gateway To Innovation And Inspiration!

ADE Start-ups – Where Music Meets Tech: Embark on a journey into the future with ADE Start-ups, an innovative platform merging the realms of music and technology. Witness live presentations from 8 global start-ups meticulously chosen by music investors. These visionary start-ups promise to revolutionize the music industry, offering a glimpse into the next wave of creativity and innovation.

ADE Green: Championing Environmental Consciousness: ADE 2023 continues its commitment to environmental sustainability through the ADE Green program. Engage with influential personalities like Jayda G and Laidback Luke as they delve into circular and climate-neutral event concepts. Explore initiatives related to renewable energy, carbon offset strategies, social safety in venues, and mental health awareness. Join the movement, be part of the change, and shape a greener, more responsible future for electronic music events.

Join the Revolution: Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary event. Secure your spot at ADE 2023 now and delve into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Experience first-hand the synergy of music and technology, where ideas collide, innovations flourish, and the future of electronic music takes shape.

Visit the official website at www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl for more details and registration. Embrace the future, celebrate creativity, and fuel your passion for music at ADE 2023!

Attend ADE Pro 2023

The ADE Pro Pass grants access to the full conference program, alongside networking events, the ADE Festival program and more. Tickets are available through ADE’s website.

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