Decibel Outdoor 2023: The Ultimate Party of Unity and Hard Beats

20 years of Decibel Outdoor Festival, a celebration of music, unity, and creativity, which stands as one of the most iconic events in the Hard Dance scene. Hosted by the event organization company, B2S, this festival has carved its name into annual schedules of festival lovers.

B2S’s flagship event turned 20 and we came to celebrate the anniversary among roughly 100 .000 fellow visitors spread over the weekend! This festival serves as a vibrant tapestry where music genres unite, from hardstyle to techno, creating an all-encompassing journey for attendees, leaving no detail untouched.

Join us as we delve into the heart and soul of Decibel Outdoor Festival, exploring legendary artists, as well as the up and coming!

Our journey to the Decibel Festival led us to the beautiful Beekse Bergen Safari Park, a stunning location that added a unique dimension to the festival’s atmosphere. The presence of an abundance of trees around the beautiful lake provided much-needed shade during the hot and sunny days, making the festival experience even more enjoyable.

We spent our weekend at the Ravers Resort Camping, nestled close to the festival grounds, which is a hot tipp for those who cherished a good night’s sleep. The nightly quiet hours allowed everyone to rest peacefully, ensuring we were well-prepared for each day’s adventures.

What impressed us even further were the immaculate facilities both on the camping grounds and within the festival itself. Cleanliness was a top priority, and there were scarcely any wait times to use these facilities, which made our festival experience that much more comfortable.

First on the agenda was acquiring our festival tokens, followed by a trip to the Sound Of Decibel Stage to catch DJ Max Enforcer’s set. Classics filled the air, and we embraced the electric atmosphere while reconnecting with friends. The weather was perfect, adding to our excitement.

Our next stop was the Battle Stage for the epic showdown between Phuture Noize and Devin Wild. The crowd’s unified singing created an incredible sense of community. We then embarked on a journey to explore the festival’s various attractions, including the food court, offering a vast variety of delicacies, wow-factor stage designs, and even a towering Ferris wheel.

After a brief rest at our tent, we hurried to attended B-Front’s energetic performance at the Sounf of Decibel Stage, followed by the highly-anticipated act Gezellige Uptempo at the newcomer stage “Future District”, which was hosted by MC Activate. The night reached its climax with the Friday endshow, featuring the powerful sounds of Warface.

Post-endshow, we rejoined our friends at the “Raver’s Paradise” camping area for an unforgettable afterparty. Aversion, E-Force, Unproven, Barber, and Manifest Destiny kept us dancing until we had no energy left. Returning to the Ravers Resort, we prepared for a peaceful night’s sleep, recharging for the adventures of the next day.

Decibel Outdoor 2023: The Ultimate Party of Unity and Hard Beats

Saturday greeted us with the opening performance by the incredible Australian DJ Firelite. Legendary DJ Pavo graced the Hardstyle Classics stage and we stayed for Jones, Josh & Wesz, then headed over to the Pussy Lounge, where a massive Melbourne Shuffle meet-up took place during DJ Tatanka’s set, featuring dancers from all corners of the globe. TNT kept the Italian Classics energy high before we returned to the mainstage for Phuture Noize’s second performance.

Our exploration of the festival continued with “WNDRLST” at the Desperados Hard Techno Stage and Savage Squad’s ADJuzt pres. NXTGEN at the Live Stage. A pit stop at the food court refueled us before we witnessed Angerfist’s mindblowing mainstage closing set, complete with a spectacular firework and light show.

The afterparty at Raver’s Paradise, featuring Deadly Gunz, was a fitting end to the day, and we returned to the Ravers Resort campsite for a restful night’s sleep.

Sunday marked the final day of our Decibel adventure. We began by immersing ourselves in the Raw Classics stage, where The Pitcher delivered a captivating performance. Next, we ventured into the forest to experience the Hard Techno Stage, followed by more mainstage action with unmissable artists The Purge and Rooler. Savage Squad closed out the XTRA RAW stage before the grand finale, the mainstage endshow, featuring Rebelion’s powerful show and an spectacle of lasers and pyrotechnics.

The afterparty allowed us to savor the last moments with friends, dancing and reminiscing about our unforgettable Decibel experience. As we bid our farewells, we couldn’t help but look forward to the next year’s edition of Decibel Outdoor, where new adventures and memories await.

The festival’s bar staff deserves a special mention for their unfailing friendliness and helpfulness. Their warm demeanor and quick service added to the overall positive vibe of the event.

With a picturesque setting, convenient camping options, top-notch facilities, and friendly staff, Decibel Outdoor truly provided an all-encompassing and unforgettable experience for all who attended. Until we meet again next year, the countdown has already begun, and we eagerly await our return to this extraordinary festival. See you again on August 14th 2024!

Decibel Outdoor 2023: The Ultimate Party of Unity and Hard Beats

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