Sound Waves from Portugal Launches Aftermovie

Sound Waves from Portugal Launches Aftermovie and Confirms Oguz as the First Artist in Winter Edition in Lisbon

Sound Waves made history again on the 8th and 9th of July in Esmoriz, Portugal, with the “crème de la crème” of Techno, Hard Techno and Underground from the current scene for 21 hours. The headliners Indira Paganotto, 999999999, Charlie Sparks and Nico Moreno raised the intensity of the BPM’s that made the whole room tremble.

Lilly Palmer and Fatima Hajji exceeded all the expectations of the fans and showed why they are one of the most beloved international producers in Portugal. the emerging artists: Cristobal Pesce with his Psy-Techno, Øtta and Basswell with the Hard-Techno left the audience in ecstasy with their performances. During the musical marathon in Esmoriz, the Spanish Karlos Molina, the portuguese Miss Sheila, Carlos Manaça, Du/Art and Ornella, took over the stage and took everyone on a journey through Techno and its sub-genres with mastery. Deelight, Tiger Lewis and Vuddu were part of the opening of the festival and provided a raver sunset for all the audience present.

Sound Waves from Portugal Launches Aftermovie

Throughout the night, the frontline that was there was surprised by some of the artists, such as Indira Paganotto (in the photo), Øtta and Cristóbal Pesce. The 3 artists confirmed the enormous affection that the public has for them and did not hesitate to reciprocate. After their performance, they got off the stage to take pictures with the ravers. Nico Moreno, in the middle of his gig, danced to the front of the booth and infected everyone with his energy. Basswell also jumped on top of the cabin and impressed the audience in Esmoriz with his set

This chapter of the Sound Waves festival sold out with thousands of ravers from 24 different countries: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Netherlands, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Brazil and many more. Most participants in the event were between 18 and 24 years old, 70% men and 30% women. In the ranking of ticket sales in Europe, it was the Spaniards who bought the most tickets for the event, only surpassed by the Portuguese, in first place in the central region, followed by Porto and Lisbon.

Sound Waves from Portugal Launches Aftermovie

The Sound Waves festival debuts its winter edition with the Sound Waves Winter Edition in Lisbon, at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, on December 2nd, from 9pm to 6am the following day. The Sound Waves Winter Edition will last for 9 hours and will welcome the great titans of the current Techno, Hard Techno and Underground scene, promising to bring to the capital the same Rave Non Stop identity that has been recognized since 2005.

After the 16th edition in Esmoriz, the festival launches the aftermovie, now available through the official YouTube page and prepares the next stop with the imprint of Sound Waves, in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon – by revealing the first artist of the line up: OGUZ. He arrives from the Netherlands with hard techno as his flag and is one of the emerging european talents known for his intense fast-paced sets, with creative and energetic sounds always full of surprises along the way. The tickets for Sound Waves Winter Edition are already on sale in the usual places.

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Sound Waves from Portugal Launches Aftermovie

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