Hardwell Drops New Single ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’ With Azteck & Alex Hepburn

Hardwell Drops New Single ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE' With Azteck & Alex Hepburn

Hardwell Drops New Single ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’ With Azteck & Alex Hepburn. Out now!

Dutch dance supremo Hardwell teams up with high-flying producer Azteck and UK singer/songwriter Alex Hepburn to release their latest single, ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’.

The new track continues the exploration of the hard-hitting techier side that devastatingly has become synonymous with of late and blends in snappy kicks and up-tempo bass with infectious hooks. Alex Hepburn’s vocal looms large over the whole song, with the impressive production of Hardwell and Azteck crafting an instant crowd favorite that will surely leave a trail of euphoria in its wake.

Although my new sound is much harder-edged and techier, I still love the beauty of vocal-based electronic music. Every genre, from house music and trance to electro and techno, has given the dancefloor magical moments through big vocal tracks. That feeling a big vocal song has on a festival crowd is hard to describe, but when that moment comes, it’s intoxicating.”


Building on his critically acclaimed 2022 LP REBELS NEVER DIE, which has since racked up millions of streams, the globally renowned producer has been delivering an abundant stream of original new music and exclusive remixes, which include reworks of Calvin Harris x Ellie Goulding’s ‘Miracle’ and Benny Benassi vs David Guetta’s 2023 version of ‘Satisfaction’. In the latest addition to his 2023 release schedule, ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’ is a collaborative effort executed in devastatingly spectacular fashion.

Azteck and I have known each other for a while, having previously worked together on music. As his recent run of form proves, he’s a great producer with a fantastic ear for a topline. So, I knew a big vocal collab with him would be a fire release for the summer. But the track needed a specific type of voice to make it really hit the mark, and the unique raspy quality of Alex’s voice made her the perfect fit for the distorted topline on ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’.”

For months Hardwell has openly discussed his attempt to attach his new sound with the vocal-drive anthems he’s known for. All of which was a matter of direction, but also one of balance that sits between a great EDM song and a great techno song, that work in a Hardwell set. The teaming up with Azteck, Alex Hepburn on ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’ is an exemplary display of a trio of artists at the peak of their powers crafting a big sound for an even bigger stage.

Hardwell Drops New Single ‘Anybody Out There' With Azteck &Amp; Alex Hepburn

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Hardwell, Azteck and Alex Hepburn – ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’ is out now!

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Hardwell Drops New Single ‘Anybody Out There' With Azteck &Amp; Alex Hepburn

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