Elevated Focusion Drop Genre-Bending Album

Elevated Focusion Drop Genre-Bending Album

Elevated Focusion Drop Genre-Bending Album

Get ready to waltz into the wilderness. Elevated Focusion, formerly known as Jonny Rythmns, is set to release a genre-bending album in June 2023 that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. The album can be streamed and downloaded everywhere.

Elevated Focusion’s brand is more than just music. It’s a place where the outsiders and insiders can meet through music and clothing. It represents creativity, originality, counterculture, passion, and the moment of change.

The album has been mixed and mastered by Chris Conway, who worked on every east coast hip hop album that inspired Elevated Focusion while growing up in Queens, NY, including ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ by Eminem. Fueled by danceable rhythms and dipped in a pool of genres, this album will have a unique sound.

Along with the album release, Elevated Focusion has recently launched a clothing line under the same name, which fuses together his love for vintage band tees, tattoo art, graffiti, trippy cartoons, and old school streetwear. This brand is all about uniting art styles to create a mix of nostalgia and something fresh.

Elevated Focusion’s goal is to create a genre-bending sound that opens doors for different artists to collaborate. The artist has two singles coming out in May, “Yoko Loko” on May 5th and “Psychodelicate” featuring Brigid Bites, founder of Juggalesque Burlesque Show, on May 19th.


Don’t miss out on this exciting new artist and brand. Follow Elevated Focusion on social media and visit the website to learn more about the album and clothing line. Get ready for a fresh take on music and fashion.

n. I honed my skills, pouring my heart and soul into each release under the name Jonny Rythmns. But like the turning of a page, a new chapter beckoned, and I knew it was time for a fresh start. Thus, Elevated Focusion was born—a name that symbolizes the elevation of my artistic vision to new heights.

While my musical pursuits had always been at the forefront, I felt compelled to explore another realm of creativity. And so, I ventured into the world of fashion, launching my own clothing line under the same moniker, Elevate Focusion. It was an opportunity to intertwine my passion for music with my love for fashion, forging a fusion that would transcend boundaries.

Elevated Focusion, the clothing brand, encapsulates a myriad of artistic elements close to my heart. It is an amalgamation of various styles that have shaped me over the years. Drawing inspiration from the iconic streetwear of old-school New York City, the raw energy of 80s and 90s rock and metal band tees, the vibrant world of graffiti art, the captivating allure of horror imagery, the enigmatic vastness of outer space, the intricate beauty of tattoo art, the whimsical charm of trippy cartoons, and the mind-expanding wonders of psychedelics—Elevated Focusion encapsulates it all.

Through my music and clothing, I strive to bring together diverse art styles, bridging the gaps between various creative realms. Elevated Focusion is a testament to the power of fusion, where seemingly disparate elements converge to form something truly unique and captivating. It is a celebration of individuality, encouraging self-expression without boundaries.

As I embark on this new artistic endeavor, I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and creativity. Let us embrace the harmonious blend of music, fashion, and art, celebrating the rich tapestry of influences that make us who we are. Elevated Focusion is more than a brand—it’s a movement, a platform where creativity knows no limits.

Welcome to the world of Elevated Focusion, where art, music, and fashion intertwine in perfect harmony. Together, let us elevate our passions and forge a vibrant tapestry of expression.

Elevated Focusion Drop Genre-Bending Album

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Elevated Focusion Drop Genre-Bending Album


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