Benedict & Palmer Serve Up A Heavy Dose Of Barrelling Techno On ‘Music Is Not Allowed’

Benedict & Palmer Serve Up A Heavy Dose Of Barrelling Techno On 'Music Is Not Allowed'

Benedict & Palmer Serve Up A Heavy Dose Of Barrelling Techno On ‘Music Is Not Allowed’ Out now!

Singapore based meta-verse DJ / production duo Benedict & Palmer have been concocting genre crossing electronica for years now and have garnered a steady following through the pair’s trademark ‘Meta-House’ sound. Their latest release, a full throttle double A-side single ‘Music Is Not Allowed / When They Activate the 5G’, out via Singapore cult label Zoosh33, is an assemblage of styles, otherworldly textures and a thumping bassline designed for late night club floor action.

They say: “The title track ‘Music Is Not Allowed’ harkens to the times of forced lockdowns which saw the global nightlife industry extinguished suddenly and completely. A heavy, no-holds-barred techno banger, coupling thumping beats and dark bass tones, topped off with powerful rave stabs. This track seeks to invoke the rage of a planet of free spirits kept from dancefloors, perfectly synergising with the post-pandemic partying renaissance, coined as ‘Revenge Partying‘.”

They go on to add: “For the next track ‘When They Activate The 5G’, it’s a Progressive House tune takes us on an up-and-down journey inspired by conspiracy theories from the deepest internet feverswamps. Kicking things off with smooth octaved undertones, the tune eventually transits into a heavy bass break: the 5G activation, as the world was robbed of in-person human interaction and minds were broken by disinformation.”

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MUSIC IS NOT ALLOWED is available from 16th June on all Major Digital Streaming Platforms, Online Stores, and selected Social Media Platforms.

Benedict & Palmer are a dynamic DJ duo hailng from the Metaverse. Originally known for their notorious bass outfit ‘Owe Money Pay Money O$P$’, the duo have taken on a side project that crafts a unique blend of euphoric and progressive dance music. Their signature sound, dubbed ‘Meta-House,’ features cinematic elements that transport listeners to another world.

Having born out from the pandemic, Benedict & Palmer fueled their passion for music and drive to innovate during the lockdown, and have quickly acclaimed the title as the ‘Hottest DJs in the Metaverse’. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres in the Progressive realm, they infuse their sets with energy and creativity, captivating audiences wherever they perform.

Whether they’re playing to a packed arena or an intimate club, Benedict & Palmer’s infectious beats and unparalleled stage presence never fail to electrify the crowd. With a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering unforgettable performances, Benedict & Palmer are poised for great things in the world of music.

Benedict &Amp; Palmer Serve Up A Heavy Dose Of Barrelling Techno On 'Music Is Not Allowed'

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Benedict &Amp; Palmer Serve Up A Heavy Dose Of Barrelling Techno On 'Music Is Not Allowed'


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