BIJOU Teams Up With Mahalo For Stunning Summer Anthem ‘The Way We Touch’

Bijou and Maholo join forces to unveil electrifying summer anthem “The Way We Touch” out now via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

Esteemed DJ, Producer, and Do Not Duplicate Recordings label boss BIJOU joins forces with his longtime comrade Mahalo, setting the stage for their latest sonic endeavor, “The Way We Touch.” This highly anticipated collaboration showcases the seamless fusion of their individual talents, resulting in a true masterpiece that is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

BIJOU, known for his ability to craft raw and energetic beats, combines forces with Mahalo, renowned for infusing tracks with attitude and flair. Together, they have created a dance floor anthem that is nothing short of irresistible. “The Way We Touch” beckons listeners with its infectious rhythm, promising to set the summer ablaze and become an unforgettable soundtrack to the season.

Serving as a testament to their shared passion for pushing the boundaries of sound and igniting the dance floor with their infectious energy, ‘The Way We Touch’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings

BIJOU and Maholo’s “The Way We Touch” is a dance floor staple in the making, Seamlessly blending BIJOU’s signature pulsating beats, an irresistible rhythm, and evocative hooks, this gem promises to enrapture listeners from the very first note to the final beat. Driven by an abundance of high-octane sensibilities and resplendent synths, the duo’s masterful creation ignites an intense fire within your ears, reverberating throughout your entire being.

“The Way We Touch” transports listeners into a realm of euphoria, delving into the captivating power of human connection, evoking a profound sense of longing and desire. Through their artistry, BIJOU and Maholo paint a vibrant and vivid picture of the exhilarating emotions that arise when two souls intertwine. In this sonic masterpiece, BIJOU and Maholo have crafted an immersive experience that captures both the profound depth and pure bliss of genuine connection.

For me it only made sense for the two AZ boys who started in the local rave scene to team up for a record together. Mahalo sent me this record over and I was immediately blown away and inspired to put my own twist on it. We wanted to create something that had that rawness that my brand brings to the scene, while also creating something that would be completely accessible to dance radio. The vocals really resonated with me at a deep level as I had been going through some things personally. Hopefully everyone who really listens to this one can understand the feeling we tried to express through the music.” -BIJOU

Bijou Teams Up With Mahalo For Stunning Summer Anthem 'The Way We Touch' Soundrive Music

Very excited to drop ‘The Way We Touch’ with my man BIJOU. We’ve known each other for years now dating back to before the start of our artist projects and it’s been wicked to break out of my own sound a bit and work on something in this lane. The track has a sensual side to it while still flipping the switch and having some attitude and gas which I think is special and hits both our styles and sounds in a roundabout way. Hyped to see this one out in the world.” -Mahalo

The relentless creative force behind Do Not Duplicate Recordings (DND Recs) remains unmatched in curating extraordinary collaborations that give birth to exceptional tracks. With an unwavering ability to produce sonic marvels, DND Recs has already unleashed a series of sensational partnerships this year, each leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

From the scorching summer anthem “Saint Tropez” by BIJOU and Zaerd, to the captivating allure of “1949” by OOTORO and Honey & Badger, and the mind-bending sonic journey of “Glitch” by Rhiannon Roze and MAX LOW, DND Recs has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and delivered unforgettable musical experiences.

Now listeners can revel in the unveiling of a new pinnacle of sonic brilliance as BIJOU and Maholo join forces with their latest release, “The Way We Touch.” This track is destined to become an anthem cherished by the masses, seamlessly claiming its rightful place in every summer playlist and setlist.

“The Way We Touch” effortlessly showcases the unmatched talent and artistry of BIJOU and Mahalo, solidifying their positions as industry titans. With its infectious rhythm and captivating melodies, this track embodies the essence of dance music at its finest.

With every release, DND Recs demonstrates their commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional music to the world. “The Way We Touch” serves as a testament to their unshakable reputation as one of dance music’s premier imprints, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

With well-established and highly successful careers individually, the track “The Way We Touch” signifies a remarkable milestone for both BIJOU and Mahalo, propelling them to new heights of creative brilliance. This awe-inspiring collaboration not only showcases their exceptional talent for crafting remarkable productions but also represents a significant leap forward in their collective artistic evolution, solidifying their positions as formidable talents within the industry.

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BIJOU x Mahalo – The Way We Touch is out now!

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Bijou Teams Up With Mahalo For Stunning Summer Anthem 'The Way We Touch' Soundrive Music

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