Howie Hersh : Exclusive Interview with the Talented Musician, Programmer, Producer, and Writer

Howie Hersh’s passion for music and his dedication to his craft continue to inspire and influence aspiring musicians and producers around the world.

In February 2022 ‘Your Love’ by Starkillers and Andrea Godin was born. Coproduced by platinum-selling producer and musician Howie Hersh, the award winning
song has gone on to establish worldwide radio airplay and dance floor success.

Fast forward 1 year and 4 official remixes of ‘Your Love’ are out now across the globe, breathing a whole new life into the song with the GODSTARR Remix, Summerfish Mix, 9th & 9th Mix, and Sugar House Mix. The GODSTARR Remix, also produced by the talented trio, channels a deep, dark bass house sound with a driving bassline and powerhouse vocals.

The track is out now on Andrea’s label Scarlet Cartels and is available on all major DSP’s and streaming services.

Listen on Beatport here

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1) How did you first get into producing electronic dance music?

Nick Terranova A.K.A. Starkillers introduced me to electronic dance music. As we really started getting into it we could see that dance music was going to influence other genres. With my experience in hip hop and many other styles of music it was a matter of first understanding the technical aspect involved and also the soul of the genre which is an ongoing quest. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.

2) Who are some of your biggest influences in the industry?

There are so many different collaborations I’ve had over the span of 50 years that it’s very hard for me to narrow it down to just a few. If I had to choose, I would say working with artists like Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg really shaped my style and workflow in the studio which ultimately helped elevate my career.

3) Can you walk us through your process for creating a new track?

When you get into the studio with an artist for the first time, you really need to understand their style, energy, and vision. After that, I like to listen for something
compelling about the delivery of their vocal idea or lyrics. For me that is more important than whether they’re great singers or not. From there I’ll start with a
music idea, then the appropriate rhythm and arrangement. A studio session usually flows very well once you have these aspects established.

4) When you were touring, how did you prepare for a gig? Did you have any preperformance rituals or routines?

Touring can definitely become very demanding after years of doing it. It was really important for me that I took whatever time I had to myself to rest and recharge my batteries so that by gig time I was as present as I could be.

5) What has been your favorite gig or event to play at so far in your career?

I’d have to say performing at live outdoor festivals with up to 100,000 fans at a time when I was touring with Joe Cocker. Other major highlights were performing
on Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, and Solid Gold.

Howie Hersh : Exclusive Interview with the Talented Musician, Programmer, Producer, and Writer. UFO Network

6) What do you enjoy most about producing?

The best feeling is the moment when you know you’re on to something with a song idea and from there it’s just a matter of work flow. Work flow can make or break a creative spark, that’s why is so important to become the best producer you can be.

7) Can you share any memorable experiences or anecdotes from your time as a producer?

There was that time when Mariah Carey brought a case of Dom Perignon for the boys in the studio, that was classy. There was another time at The Berkeley hotel in Manhattan where every famous rocker was there in the room at the same time. Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones came up to me and wanted to get to know me. Then when I was leaving Joe Cocker was in the back seat of a limo in front of the hotel with Maryanne Faithful. It was snowing and Mick Fleetwood was behind the car pushing it. Joe yelled out “Get in. We’re going to Woody’s A.K.A. Ronnie Wood’s house!

8) How do you stay current and find new ways to keep your music relevant?

It’s a combination of exploring new technologies and seeing how I can apply my experience to it. I honestly don’t really listen to much music that is being released these days because I don’t want it to subconsciously influence my own, unique sound. My team and I aim to create timeless records anyways rather than following trends.

9) What’s next for you in terms of new projects or goals?

I’ll keep working on what I’m already working on because I feel like I’m on the right path. Our label TerraTraxx Music is working towards securing some big deals with sync licensing and distribution as well which has been another thing we’ve been focusing on. I’m also in the studio working on some Drum & Bass, Techno, and House projects with Starkillers & Andrea Godin that will be released closer to the end of the year or in early 2024.

10) In your free time, what do you like to do outside of music?

I love spending time with my family, friends, and pets. I also do yoga everyday and really enjoy nature and metaphysics.

Howie Hersh : Exclusive Interview with the Talented Musician, Programmer, Producer, and Writer. UFO Network

11) How do you adapt your sessions to fit the energy and vibe of each artist you work with?

You have to go into each session with an open mind and be willing to learn what works best for each artist. It can range from me handling almost every detail of the session and guiding the artist to find the inspiration they’re looking for to working with someone like Starkillers who more often knows exactly what he wants and how to execute the idea.

12) What are some challenges you’ve faced as a producer and how have you overcome them?

It’s always a bit of a challenge moving from genre to genre because it’s a whole different head space you have to be in. Going from classical to rock to hip hop to dance is not the easiest but at the same time you can use it to your creative advantage. I also have the typical stories you hear all the time in the music industry of ideas and song rights and splits being stolen from me and not receiving huge amounts of royalties that were rightfully meant to be paid to me. You can’t let things like this discourage you. You have to keep moving and understand that unfortunately that’s just the nature of the industry.

13) How do you think the electronic dance music industry has changed since you first started out?

I like the level of production I’m hearing but I don’t like the predictability of the formula these days. There seems to be a lack of authenticity in many tracks being
released. Going back to where I mentioned previously about my team and I aiming to make timeless records – this is a huge reason why.

14) What do you hope to achieve with your music in the long-term?

Continue to make my mark and adapt as my music evolves. Our team recently won Indie EDM Song of the year in New York’s Pinnacle Awards for our track “Your Love” and we feel this is just the beginning for us. We have a huge ambition to build our platform and gain worldwide recognition for our work.

15) Can you share any tips or advice for aspiring producers who are just starting out in the industry?

Learn how to balance the learning curve with the spontaneity that’s needed in order to see your full creative potential. Be extremely patient because until you can see it all together the process is gonna be very frustrating at times. Patience is key.

Today, Howie continues to produce music and collaborate with other artists. He has a reputation for being a skilled programmer, producer, and musician, and he is highly respected in the music industry for his contributions to Rock, hip hop, R&B, and dance music. His passion for music and his dedication to his craft continue to inspire and influence aspiring musicians and producers around the world.

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Howie Hersh : Exclusive Interview with the Talented Musician, Programmer, Producer, and Writer. UFO Network

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