VASSY Makes History as the First Woman to Win EDMA ICON Award in Dance Music Industry

VASSY’s contribution to the dance community has been recognized by her fans and the industry alike.

Greek-Australian singer-songwriter VASSY has made history by becoming the first woman to win an EDMA ICON Award. VASSY has always stayed true to herself as an artist and has never compromised on her authenticity, even in a male-dominated industry like dance music.

VASSY’s journey to becoming an ICON is truly inspiring. She grew up in a remote town in Australia and pursued her dreams in America. Despite facing challenges in a genre that is often dominated by male DJs, she remained true to her passion and worked hard with integrity.

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VASSY’s contribution to the dance community has been recognized by her fans and the industry alike. Winning the EDMA ICON Award is a testament to her talent and hard work, and it reinforces the importance of recognizing women in the dance space.

VASSY’s message to other female artists is clear: “You don’t have to be a guy or a DJ, and if you remain authentic to yourself, it will pay off.” She is a living example of this, and her success serves as an inspiration to women everywhere.

It is refreshing to see someone like VASSY paving the way for other female artists in the dance music industry. She is a reminder that authenticity and hard work can go a long way in achieving one’s dreams. Congratulations to VASSY on this well-deserved recognition!

VASSY Makes History as the First Woman to Win EDMA ICON Award in Dance Music Industry UFO Network


Multi Platinum award winning artist VASSY is one of dance music’s most prominent authentic female artists around the world.The Australian powerhouse’s discography includes numerous global chart-topping #1 hits, such as: ‘Bad’ with music dance icon David Guetta and dutch duo Showtek which went certified double platinum in 7 countries clocking in over 2 billion streams.

Popularly known for her unique voice on world wide hit ‘Secrets,’ with legendary Dj Tiësto and Kshmr, earning her multiple #1 in over 30 countries, VASSY delivers an original sound throughout all her works.She recently hit the 2 Billion Stream Milestone with her Global hit ‘Bad’ a collaboration with Dj’s David Guetta and Showtek.

“It was so exciting to receive this award for being on the The 1,000,000,000 List. It’s such an honour considering that my career first started with being acknowledged by APRA AMCOS in Australia before I left for the US. And, now being acknowledged once again for one of my biggest records that I wrote and performed, which went Number 1 in many countries around the world, putting me on the map globally as an Australian artist, singer and songwriter.”

The singer-song writer whose productions range in style from dance to pop, reggae and jazz, has topped the US Billboard Dance Charts and Dance Radio an impressive eight times with recent Billboard and Aria #1 singles such as; ‘Chase’ with Aussie Duo Bonka, ‘Concrete Heart with Disco Fries, ‘Lost’ with Afrojack, and ‘Nothing To Lose’ co-produced with Tiësto.

VASSY has become a mainstay act at major Music festivals around the world including: Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, Belgium’s Tomorrowland, New York’s Electric Zoo and Australia’s Stereosonic.

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VASSY’s music has been featured in hit TV Shows such as ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and heard in global television campaigns for brands like: Hilton, Victoria’s Secret, Xbox, Fifa, Nike, Chevy, Pepsi, Target and her single ‘We Are Young’ co-produced with Tim Myers was featured in the film trailers for Disney’s Academy Award-winning blockbuster ‘Frozen’, ‘Cabin In The Woods’ and Tina Fey’s‘Admission’. She has supported and collaborated with global charitable organisations like: ‘Playground of Dreams,’ ‘Carers Australia,’ ‘Best Buddies,’ ‘Aviva Safe House,’ ‘NoH8,’ ‘Green IT’ and ‘G’Day USA’ amongst others.

With 8 x #1 Billboard Singles and 17 Platinum Certifications VASSY’s sound and anthemic lyrics have solidified her as one of dance music’s most sought-after vocalists.

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