Discover the Latest Masterpiece: Elderbrook’s Highly Anticipated Second Album ‘Little Love’

Elderbrook Drops Highly Anticipated Second Album 'Little Love' Soundrive Music

Elderbrook drops highly anticipated second album ‘Little Love’.’ The artist explores parenthood on his profound new LP.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter Elderbrook delves deep with his sophomore album Little Love, out now!

Little Love’s 12 tracks see Elderbrook exploring parental love in all its multifaceted, complicated glory – and via the artist’s uniquely soulful and melodic take on progressive house music.

Opening brace ‘Just Like Us’ and ‘I Need You’ set the tone with two powerful synth-laden anthems, with heartfelt vocals about the universal struggles that bring us together. Next up is album centerpiece ‘Howl’, a song addressed to Elderbrook’s newborn daughter and the first he wrote for the project; “it’s inspired by those sleepless nights listening to your child cry as you try and console them – I wanted her to know then, and always, that I’d be there for her.”

Elsewhere, the plaintive ‘Wasted On You’ is a reflection on the selflessness required in being a parent, and ‘Talk It Over’ is a poignant, uplifting anthem, pairing Elderbrook’s soulful vocals with a breezy melodic house arrangement produced by Vintage Culture.


Ethereal soundscapes and captivating grooves define Little Love, as Elderbrook’s distinctive vocals offer guidance through the album’s life-affirming subject matter.

It became clear that the overarching theme was about the messages I’d want to share with my children as they grow older”, the London-based artist says. “We all lived through such a bizarre and difficult few years during the pandemic but I was given the greatest gift and biggest responsibility of all in that time, and it seemed only fitting that my second album be a dedication to that, to them, my little loves.”

Live phenomenon, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter, Elderbrook is known for his collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music, including Diplo, Camelphat, Black Coffee and Bob Moses.

Meanwhile his acclaimed debut album Why Do We Shake In The Cold? included sleeper hits ‘Numb’ and ‘Something About You’, and his most recent EP Innerlight included a collaboration with Bob Moses with the resultant tour seeing him sell out shows all over the world.

Having toured with the likes of Jungle, Rufus Du Sol and Odesza, racking up over 1 billion streams to date, and being announced on the 2023 Coachella line-up, Elderbrook continues to prove himself a frontrunner in the electronic scene.

With his sophomore album, Elderbrook cements his status as one of house music’s foremost creators. Little Love is a compelling melodic journey, shedding light on what it means to be a parent.

Elderbrook Drops Highly Anticipated Second Album 'Little Love' Soundrive Music

Little Love – Album Tracklist

1. Just Like Us
2. I Need You
3. Howl (with Tourist)
4. Talk It Over (with Vintage Culture)
5. Beautiful Morning
6. Tied To You
7. I’ll Be Around (with Amtrac)
8. Little Love (Little Interlude)
9. Wasted On You
10. If You Want Somebody
11. The End
12. Walk Away (feat. (Ailbhe Reddy)

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Elderbrook – ‘Little Love’ is out now!

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Elderbrook Drops Highly Anticipated Second Album 'Little Love' Soundrive Music


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