Leila Pari Teams Up With NEZZY For ‘Don’t Want To Become You’

Don’t Want To Become You – NEZZY and Leila Pari Let’s go back in time… back to the good ol’

Leila, Leila, Leila Pari. Heard of her yet? She caught the eye of Forbes magazine at a young age for reaping in the most followers on former social media app Flipagram. No shocker there with her bright and bubbly personality. But even as a previous model for Adidas and TEDx speaker, Leila’s talents don’t stop there.

This rising pop star and accomplished songwriter has worked with Felix Cartel, Tohi, and Tahsan Khan, had her music added to a campaign for an Oscar nominated film, and performed the opening set for Coldplay at the Cotton Bowl, a 92,000 person stadium.

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She has now launched a new song with French producer and instrumentalist NEZZY ‘Don’t Want To Become You’ where she sings about the fear of losing sight of herself and trying to be something she’s not. The song strives to bring you back to the good ol’ days, towards finding peace and freedom.

Leila Pari had the life changing opportunity to perform this song at her opening set for Coldplay, check out the video below. It’s safe to say that this girl is definitely one to watch.

About Leila Pari

Leila Pari is a multicultural singer, songwriter, & producer. She builds her shows from the ground up; writing all of her own music, producing, choreographing and creative directing. She is a multi-instrumentalist who loves to perform and connect with audiences about the beauty of being human and the strength we have to overcome all odds. In 2019 Leila went from sleeping in her car, unable to afford rent, to writing 2 albums worth of music and selling out 200 person rooms. Her raw narrative-based songwriting has captured well over a million individual listeners on Spotify without marketing or a record label.

In February 2022, “Castle”, a song Leila wrote by herself, landed in the campaign for an Oscar nominated film. This February the band Coldplay requested for Leila to open their 1st Music of the Spheres stadium tour date which will be held May 6th in Dallas, Texas at the Cotton Bowl, a 92,100 person stadium.

Leila has performed in LA, New York, San Diego and London and her dream is to tour the world. She’s worked with artists like Felix Cartal (8M monthly listeners), Tohi (10M), Tahsan Khan (12M), Erfan Paydar (2M) on songs set to release soon.

As a self professed underdog, Leila has a massive sense of purpose around giving people hope to believe in themselves and their dreams. Because of this, she’s created a series called Under the Covers. Under the Covers is a multi-media show starring up-and-coming legends from all facets of entertainment on their stories of rising above their circumstances, taking risk, developing vision and living with intention. The show is a cross between “How I Built This” by Guy Raz & “Carpool Karaoke” by James Corden. Season one has begun filming and will host guests such as Patrick Schwartzeneger, Tohi, Jeremy Fall, Taylor Cut Films, Mari Llewelyn & Yes Theory.

Beyond music, Leila aspires to be a multifaceted entertainer for decades to come and branch her career into film & tv.


NEZZY has quickly become one-to-watch with his backing from many esteemed producers and labels. He has joined French producer, Coopex, on multiple records, including Parallel Lines, Cravings, You & Me and their most recent release in 2020, Never Sleep. His own releases have been supported by Trap Nation, NCS, ChillWave, & Future Bass. He was even shout-out by Timbaland, who was caught spinning the title track for the album during a livestream, complimenting NEZZY and telling Apple they should use his music for a Sync.

In 2021, he dropped a new song feat LissA via Soave and his track Are You Gonna Luv Me? was included in the eighth volume of the Chill Executive Officer album series on Armada Chill. NEZZY also remixed the likes of Daft Punk and S-C-A-R-R.

A key moment however, was no doubt the release of his debut album ‘the walk’. A collection of 12 tracks showcasing his creativity and released on his 20th birthday. ‘The walk’, influenced by his love of Petit Biscuit, Kasbo and Odesza, offers the ultimate trip for the senses showcasing NEZZY’s story throughout and flexing his creative flair and love for a multitude of genres.

Leila Pari Teams Up With NEZZY For 'Don’t Want To Become You'

In November 2021, a Remix EP came out for ‘the walk’ including remixes from Hugo Cantarra, Aslove, Justin Cholewski, Pokeyz & Bovalon and Soundsider. In 2022 he released a collab with Los Angeles singer-songwriter Clo Sur (All My Fault) and gained significant airplay in the US. He also remixed Kimotion’s Netflix soundtrack ‘Oulalala’ and got to sign a futuristic anthem ‘I should say goodbye’ with Japan’s finest label Dancing Dead.

Finally, 2022 marked his first live shows, with appearances in major French Festivals such as Pharaonic (with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Henri PFR, The Avener…), Stereoparc, Green Fest (next to FEDER & Ofenbach), Poney Club (with Madeon) and a sold-out 6 day tour in France opening for the hype duo Trinix last autumn.

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Leila Pari Teams Up With NEZZY For 'Don’t Want To Become You'

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