The Plugz Europe Raise the tempo on ‘Mek She’ ft Konshens & Afro Bros

Acclaimed Dutch musician / producer The Plugz Europe is pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Mek She’ featuring Jamaican Dancehall star Konshens and Latin Grammy nominated duo Afro Bros, out this February through Ingrooves.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, pop and house, ‘Mek She’, is carefully balanced, infusing the buoyant energy of various cultures and genres into The Plugz Europe’s own inimitable style.

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He says: “This song is taken from my upcoming EP ‘A La Carte’ and continues with another banger for the clubs. ‘Mek She’ is a collaboration with Dancehall King Konshens, known for his hit ‘Pull up to mi bumper’ and ‘’Bruck off yuh back’’ which accumulated more than 200 millions streams worldwide, and the Dutch production duo Afro Bros who made the worldwide top charts with the track ‘Instagram’ with David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Natty Natasha & Dimitri Vegas which reached more then 500 million streams & views worldwide. ‘Mek She’ is Jamaican for ‘make her’, and this track will make her dance!”

Pablo, also known professionally as The Plugz Europe, is a Dutch DJ, record producer, recording executive and author from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The platinum producer and artist made his professional debut in the international music scène with the ‘’Rema – SoundGasm official Remix’’ in 2022. “The SoundGasm remix’’ is a collaboration with the number 1 afro artist Rema and Multi platinum producer/artist Puri, also known from the hit single Coño, Ft. Jason Derulo.

The Plugz Europe Raise the tempo on 'Mek She' ft Konshens & Afro Bros

The Plugz Europe was born to Algerian parents in Rotterdam and grew up with music since childhood. He started rapping at age 14, then started producing at 19 years old. In 2010 he got a role in the French Movie ‘’La Vengeance’’, and that was his first step in the French music industry. From a young age, he was inspired by major hip hop artist such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone & Noreaga and Notorious BIG, who proved to have a great influence on him.

In his youth, The Plugz Europe produced music videos and film documentaries, earning him the name Kameleon “(The Plugz Europe)’’ as he was able to consistently create new opportunities in ddooiinngg wwhhaatt hhee lloved to do, being creative.

Referring to his name, The Plugz Europe mentions: “When I started to link up artists from different countries in Europe and developed several projects, people started calling me ‘The Plugz’. So I was like ‘The Plugz Europe, let’s go for it!”

A natural next step for the producer, was to launch his own record label in 2022, giving a home to Dutch artists & producers with international collabs. He adds: “The Dutch sound is becoming more and more desirable and is increasingly reflected in international releases. Some examples are albums by Beyonce, Drake, Vegedream, Rema and Ayanakamura. Another great example is the track by Puri Ft. Jason Derulo & ADJe – Cono, which was a mega success worldwide. In it, the Dutch and Ameri- can languages are also fused together.”

The Plugz Europe Raise the tempo on 'Mek She' ft Konshens & Afro Bros

In 2021 The Plugz Europe worked on the biggest French compilation album ‘’Le Classico Organise’’ and earned a gold and platinum award for reaching more than 100k+ album sales and 200 Million+ streams. In Q3 2022, The Plugz Europe’ record label will release projects with artists like Rema, Desiigner, Gyptian, Vegedream, Jul, Juicy J, Karol G, Rick Ross and many more.

music promotion spotifyIn 2023 he released his debut single ‘Mona Lisa’ from his upcoming project ‘’A La Carte’’. He brought ‘Ziezie’ (UK) and ‘Anas’ (FR) together and created a new sound that was very well received by their fans!

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The Plugz Europe | Konshens | Afro Bros

The Plugz Europe Raise the tempo on 'Mek She' ft Konshens & Afro Bros


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