DEVN6’s New Techno Track ‘It Ain’t Right’ on UFO Recordz: A Unique Blend of Modern Rave and Driving Techno

Swiss-based Techno & House producer DEVN6 has just released a new track on UFO Recordz that is sure to turn heads in the electronic music scene.

Titled “It Ain’t Right”, the track showcases DEVN6‘s unique sound, which seamlessly blends the edge of modern rave with driving techno beats. Her music is characterized by a big, happy tone that packs a powerful punch, and this new release is no exception.

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DEVN6’s music is defined by her ability to push the boundaries of electronic music production. She balances creative freedom with an unwavering commitment to professionalism and attention to detail, resulting in a refreshing and emotive sound that pays tribute to nostalgia while also breaking down the barriers between sub-genres.

“It Ain’t Right” is a perfect example of DEVN6’s signature style. The track begins with a pulsing beat and a hypnotic synth line that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. As the track progresses, DEVN6 builds the tension with layers of intricate sound design and a driving bassline that is guaranteed to get your body moving.

If you’re a fan of techno music, “It Ain’t Right” is a must-listen. DEVN6’s unique approach to production creates a completely refreshing sound that is sure to stand out in a crowded electronic music landscape. So if you’re looking for a track that will take you on a journey, look no further than DEVN6’s “It Ain’t Right” on UFO Recordz

DEVN6's New Techno Track 'It Ain't Right' on UFO Recordz: A Unique Blend of Modern Rave and Driving Techno

UFO Recordz is an independent record label that was founded on April 19, 2015 in Helsingborg, Sweden by Jacques Maurice Julie and Darren Johnathan Bezuidenhout. Specializing in electronic dance music and house music recordings, events, artist booking, and artist management, UFO Recordz is an imprint company under the umbrella of UFO Network.

DEVN6 – It Ain`t Right is Out Now UFO Recordz.

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DEVN6's New Techno Track 'It Ain't Right' on UFO Recordz: A Unique Blend of Modern Rave and Driving Techno

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