New House Track Alert: “Back and Forth” by French DJ & Producer DJKEV – Out Now

Are you ready to experience the newest and hottest house track of the year? Introducing “Back and Forth” by DJKEV

Are you ready to experience the newest and hottest house track of the year? Introducing “Back and Forth” by DJKEV – the 22-year-old French DJ and producer who has taken the music scene by storm. With a background in radio and experience performing at concerts in France, DJKEV has honed his skills to bring you a track that is sure to have you dancing and feeling good.

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At the young age of 9, DJKEV began mixing and at 16, he started composing his own music. His latest release, “Back and Forth,” is a reflection of his personal journey and the struggles he faced as a teenager. Being bullied at school, DJKEV wanted to convey the message that nothing is inevitable and that even when you feel pulled in different directions, you have the power to break free.

The track starts off with a harmonious melody that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics may have a slightly serious tone, but the upbeat tempo and joyful beats will have you feeling anything but gloomy. DJKEV’s goal was to bring out the positive side of the lyrics and make you feel good while listening to it.

New House Track Alert: "Back and Forth" by French DJ & Producer DJKEV - Out Now

“Back and Forth” is now available on UFO Network, so make sure to add it to your playlist and get ready to dance the night away. DJKEV’s unique style and talent shine through in this track and it’s a must-listen for any house music fan. Don’t miss out on this amazing release, check it out now!

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DJKEV – ‘Back And Forth’ is out now! via UFO Network

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New House Track Alert: "Back and Forth" by French DJ & Producer DJKEV - Out Now

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