Exclusive Interview with LA Based Dubstep DJ & Producer Wheysted

We had fun chatting with DJ & Producer Kurt Diable AKA Wheysted About New Remix EP ‘Bringin Brostep Back’ Dropping Today via Klustafunk Records and more

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Exclusive Interview

Hey Wheysted, thanks for chatting with us today! Tell us about the first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and your musical journey since then. How did you get started?

My first big track that got a lot of attention to my brand was ‘Bringing Brostep Back’ Ironically this song ties in with why I started producing back in 2019. I really fell in love with the heavier dubstep that was coming out in the 2015-2017 era.

Later I learned that sub-genre was called Brostep and I really loved the crazy sound design that went into them. This made me create that nostalgic feel in ‘Brining Brostep Back’ with heavier, up to date sounds. Since then i’ve released music with Wastelvnd Records and will be releasing with a few other labels i’m very excited about but can’t say at this time.


Listen to ‘Bringing Brostep Back’ on Spotify


The name Wheysted, how did you come up with the name and what was your motivation behind it?

Wheysted (wasted) honestly is the perfect project name for me. I used to be a bodybuilder and compete on stage. So it made sense that I tied in my passion for fitness with my brand name. Wheysted to me is more than fitness and music. Its about spreading knowledge of fitness in the EDM community. Taking care of your body will allow you to rave longer and healthier and that’s a core value of mine.

Tell us about your latest project. All we know is you’ll be treating us to a special remix EP dropping on Klusta fuNK soon! Share the details with us and tell us what the creative process was like throughout?

The remix EP is so cool and has so many talented artists on it. Since ‘Bringing Brostep Back’ was my big first hit I wanted to do a special remix comp. I can’t speak for the other artists but I can say they killed all of their tracks and they all had a unique twist on the original. I also decided to make a VIP for this Remix EP and what I can say is. It’s very heavy compared to the original and I can’t wait for people to hear the whole EP

The visualizer for this remix EP is SICK and we have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak! What was your motivation behind the live stream? And quick one, who’s behind the visual graphic editing because we are looking to on board, Great job with that!

The Artist that did the EP cover (and did the Original Cover art) is named @waveexchange (instagram). He is a super talented artist and I can’t thank him enough for helping develop the Wheysted Brand.

Exclusive Interview with LA Based DJ & Producer Kurt Diable 'aka' Wheysted

Tell us something that your fans don’t know about you and would not otherwise find out.

I’m a huge science nerd. I got my degree in biology and nutrition and exercise physiology. I wanted to become a radiologist at one point in my life but decided against it. (and to be fair this life of creating art is way more fun and fulfilling to me).

I couldn’t help but notice the Top Shaker in your live stream and that physique is on point bro! How do you balance both your music career and make time for your fitness? Any tips for other DJs and producers out there?

I’m actually so glad you asked this question. I have tons of tips (also if anyone ever has fitness & nutrition questions my DM’s are always open). One being you have to make time for your health, but it doesn’t have to be a long time. I get most of my workouts done in 30 minutes 5-6 days a week.

I think the hardest thing about a fitness commitment is starting. Because it’s scary to not know what to do. But just like music you have to start somewhere and as long as you are CONSISTENT (that’s the secret ingredient) you will get results. And once you start seeing results it’s a lot easier to keep in a routine

Give us the name of one classic tune that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Honestly I could listen to Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Artemis’ Album on repeat and never get bored. I played violin for 12 years so it’s a great connection for me

Check out the Artemis EP below


What would be your dream collaboration and why?

I have 3. Kompany, Wooli, And Kai Wachi. -Kompany really made me want to start producing when I heard Stomp. And honestly has influenced my Mid heavy bass sound design till this day.-Wooli really caught my eye back in 2017 with his kompany collab Briddim bomb and i’ve likes all of his stuff since.

Adam is a really good guy (I can say that about all of these dudes tbh)-Kai Wachi because he’s another gym bro. His hybrid trap has influenced my recent sound design and I think his song production lately has been on another level (bonus. 3 way collab between Kai, Deadlyft, and I could be a cool Gym tune idea… Just sayin lol)

If you could play any festival or gig right now, what and where would it be and why?

Lost Lands. It just feels like home to me. Like I would rather play lost lands than EDC. But I would also really like to play Dancefestopia as well because that one is close to my hometown and my family could finally come see me play live.

How do you get a song started? tell us about your production and creative process that’s involved. Do you get the infamous ‘producer’s block’ and find a need to have to realign with your creative side?

I feel like I produce differently than most as far as starting a track. I like to do intro and chorus before even writing the drop. I have trouble writing drops then doing intros because it feels like I don’t have a song identity yet. I do get writer’s block but usually it’s not long at all. One thing I love to do is listen to Live sets on YouTube or Soundcloud of artist i really like and usually within 5 minutes i’m inspired to write (and would suggest other producers try this if their method doesn’t work)

Exclusive Interview with LA Based DJ & Producer Kurt Diable 'aka' Wheysted

What projects do you currently have in the works and what can we, as well as your fans, expect from you in 2022?

I have some stuff already planned for 2022. Collabs coming this year are Wheysted x Benzo$ ft Jgray ‘Unreleased’  and Wheysted x Seiren (3 track Melodic EP) ft a ton of amazing vocalists. I have a few singles that are coming out this year with Kelsey Ray and Dani King and a few others that are in the works but i don’t want to speak on those to soon.

The last question but one of my favourites! The relationship between a DJ and the audience is a fragile one – how do you find balance between giving your audience what they want and treating them to something new at the same time?

This is a great question. I think you have to know that the audience relies on you to set the mood. Even outside the music choice which is the most important (like knowing your audience) you need to be in control. When I’m on stage I’m having a blast and the crowd sees me smiling, jumping, laughing and just in general having a great time. Because when I’m on stage, people are going crazy to my music. Its honestly the highest feeling of euphoria you can get IMO.

Now about half of my sets are unreleased/released music by me (usually 20-30 tracks) so they get a true wheysted experience but I think what keeps it fresh are all the other talented artists in the underground that have fire music. I’ll grab tons of unreleased tracks by them as well. So usually only 15-20% of my sets are music people have heard before while the other 80% is always something new.

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Wheysted – Bringing Brostep Back Remixes are out now via Klusterfunk Records. STREAM / LISTEN

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Exclusive Interview with LA Based Dubstep DJ & Producer Wheysted

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