Finnish DJ & Producer NGHTIME! Joins Forces with Luma for Eclectic Hit Single ‘Lucky’

NGHTIME! Is back with a follow up hit single alongside talented singer and songwriter Luma with ‘Lucky (feat. Luma’) out now!

After dropping hit single ‘Come Home (feat. Luma)’ in 2020, which has accumulated over 1 million streams on spotify, NGHTIME! Is back with a follow up single together with luma.

Returning from a two year break, NGHTIME! found inspiration for his latest release through his own experiences in life and by digging deep into his emotions and thoughts about love and life. Luma brought the song to life with her clever lyrics and lush vocals. The track is a mix between pop and edm.


NGHTIME! Is 24 year old EDM DJ & Producer based in Helsinki, Finland. Born in Jyväskylä but having lived most of his childhood life in the Netherlands, NGHTIME! Grew up amidst many different music cultutres. Although he knew how big edm was in holland, he never really got into it until new subgenres emerged.

NGHTIME! Has made tracks in different genres but mainly focuses on edm/pop and tropical house. His single ‘Come Home (feat. Luma)’ has accumulated over a million streams on spotify and got played on one of the big radio stations ‘Ylex’ in Finland. This is his take on dance music.

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Finnish Dj &Amp; Producer Nightime! Joins Forces With Luma For Emotional Hit Single 'Lucky'

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