Pascal Letoublon Teams Up with MNI on Infectious Single ‘Touch’ Out Now!

Anonymous Berlin-based group MNI is back alongside Pascal Letoublon with Infectious Single ‘Touch’.

The new single sees the producer group linking up with young French talent Pascal Letoublon, delivering an undeniably seductive hit. Continuing their craft and building a fanbase solely from their intoxicating sound, MNI’s latest offering solidifies the group as a prime mover in the dance music space. Out now via Virgin Records, ‘Touch’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

Pascal Letoublon MNI Touch Press Image

‘Touch’ immediately takes listeners into an intoxicating, lush soundscape. At the apex of MNI and Pascal Letoublon’s sound, the alluring new hit delivers a synth ladden, pop infused sonic space. Showcasing a driving melody with pulsating production elements, the track provides atmospherically entracing sensibilities with a propulsive flair. Continuing to solidify MNI’s style and sound, the latest hit gives fans an awe-inspiring listening experience with an enchanting vocal cut and pulsating rhythm from start-to-finish.

ABOUT PASCAL LETOUBLON — Young producer Pascal Letoublon has already left his mark on history thanks to TikTok’s overnight viral pull, positioning him at the top of Asian charts and catching the eye of European record labels. Garnering attention from small independent label Suprafive Records in 2017, the talent released his first hit ‘Friendships’, which gained him 100 million views on YouTube, almost 65 million streams, and a place in the Shazam Global charts for almost three years with 5.8 million searches.

Since then he signed with Universal Music the summer of 2019 and has released various singles such as ‘Palm Springs’, ‘Nu Disco Master’, and ‘Feelings Undercover’. With new music to come, Letoublon continues to keep the energy that made him successful while writing a new chapter through his refined, eclectic sound.

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Pascal Letoublon MNI Touch Press Image

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