FEINT & R7CKY Reveal New Collaboration ‘Lost & Found’ Featuring Skyelle Out Now via Monstercat

Feint joins forces with Chinese artist R7CKY and singer-songwriter Skyelle for their new compelling single “Lost & Found,” out now via Monstercat!

Bridging the cultural gap between the East and West, Feint’s joint effort with R7CKY is an amalgamation of both artists’ distinct styles. “Lost & Found” surrounds orchestral chords with liquified trills, all while Skyelle’s uplifting cadence carries the tune through billowing soundscapes. Utilizing soul-stirring build-ups and jubilant breakdowns, “Lost & Found” reminds listeners to keep pushing to find and nurture their best selves, no matter how lost one may feel.

FEINT & R7CKY Reveal New Collaboration 'Lost & Found' Featuring Skyelle Out Now via Monstercat

“Part of the message behind “Lost & Found” is not being afraid to be the best version of yourself without caring what anyone else thinks – even if you have to lose parts of yourself to find that potential.” – Feint’

Since beginning his career, UK-born producer Feint has stood out from his fellow peers with his undeniable production prowess. Mixing emotive elements of melodic bass with penetrating DnB, Feint has earned his followers by proving he is a force to be reckoned with in the dance space. Through combining his intricate skillset with those of stellar musicians R7CKY and Skyelle, Feint’s “Lost & Found” perfectly mimics the beauty of life’s turbulence with dulcet harmonies and a rousing kick-snare combination.

FEINT & R7CKY Reveal New Collaboration 'Lost & Found' Featuring Skyelle Out Now via Monstercat

About Feint:

Establishing his own unique style of drum and bass music, UK-born producer Andrew Isaac Hu has long been making waves in the electronic realm. His debut release arrived in the early stages of Monstercat history and landed him a spot on the 001 – Launch Week album. Feint’s success snowballed with his continued releases with Monstercat, followed by his debut release with Liquicity Records.

Feint continued his rise in the drum and bass scene with his heavy-hitting tracks “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words” with singer and songwriter Laura Brehm, both of which peaked in the millions of plays on Spotify.

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FEINT & R7CKY Reveal New Collaboration 'Lost & Found' Featuring Skyelle Out Now via Monstercat

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