Adventure Club Make Triumphant Return With First Album In 6 Years “Love // Chaos”


While electronic music has certainly evolved since its humble beginnings, there are a number of artists whose sounds have helped form and inspire the dance space today – yet few compare to Adventure Club and their staggering contributions as the forefathers of melodic bass. Following a stream of riveting single releases this year, Adventure Club now returns bigger and better than ever with LOVE // CHAOS, their first album since their 2016 debut Red // Blue.

Strapped with a vast array of premier features from Krewella, Yuna, Lucii, and many others, LOVE // CHAOS solidifies Adventure Club as pioneers of emotive, vocal-driven bass music while showcasing the duo’s mastery of other genres. Including recent releases “Safe With Me” and “Color Blind,” the album dabbles in everything from melodic bass and blistering dubstep to buoyant house, calling to sounds from the pair’s iconic earlier releases while delving into new sonic ground.

Each striking collaboration seamlessly complements Adventure Club’s sound with technical expertise. Teaming up with esteemed vocalists such as HALIENE, Dia Frampton, Sara Diamond, and Justin Jesso in addition to a slew of production powerhouses including Said The Sky, Nurko, Blanke, LOVE // CHAOS delivers tracks that dedicated fans have been hungrily waiting for several years. From start to finish on this 25-track journey, elevated synths whirl amongst a riveting fusion of passionate basses, infectious drum patterns, and soaring vocals, making Adventure Club’s sophomore album well worth the wait.

Adventure Club Make Triumphant Return With First Album In 6 Years "Love // Chaos"

“Love//Chaos is a culmination of everything we’ve learned, loved and lost throughout our career which began in 2011. We searched deep within ourselves for inspiration for this album. We’ve shared incredible experiences with so many people around the world. We’ve also had to face our own demons, overcome some personal obstacles. I think we tried to address so much of what we’ve uncovered over the past 10 years. We originally started Adventure Club with the goal of producing the most heavy dubstep imaginable… but after a couple releases we really found solace and hit our stride with female vocals and taking a more melodic bass approach. From then, it was a whirlwind of trying to find ourselves and our sound, experimenting with different genres. Which ultimately leads us to today… This album is a true return to our roots with a dash of other genres we’ve come to love.  We’ve collaborated with so many of our favorite artists on Love//Chaos. Every single one we admire so much and we’re honored to have worked with them. We can’t thank them and everyone who’s been by our side for making this album as perfect as possible in our eyes.” – Adventure Club

Out now via Ultra Records, LOVE // CHAOS  in its entirety epitomizes melodic bass and Adventure Club’s stance as godfathers of the genre. Signifying Adventure Club reaching new heights and coming into a more mature stage of their production journey, the sounds of LOVE // CHAOS are certain to make old fans proud of their favorite duo while attracting new supporters. Years in the making, the album beckons to the innovative duo’s roots and will undoubtedly tug at the heartstrings of listeners far and wide with each track.

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Adventure Club Make Triumphant Return With First Album In 6 Years "Love // Chaos"


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