Moksi Presents ‘T.T.Y.N.’, the First Single for the Upcoming ‘Free Moksi’ Album

Moksi presents ‘T.T.Y.N.’, the first single for the upcoming ‘Free Moksi’ album

After several successful releases in 2021 including ‘Famous Last Words’ with Curbi, ‘Pump It Up’ with RayRay, UK/Bass House duo Moksi returns to Barong Family for their latest single ‘T.T.Y.N.’. Featuring the classic heavy basslines and vocals from Diede, the single brings back the nostalgic energy of the golden era of UK bassline. ‘T.T.Y.N.’ lands as the first single from the duo’s upcoming album, Free Moksi.

Speaking about the first single, Samir (Moksi) said in a statement:

This is probably one of the most OG tracks of the album, we loved working on this a lot. It’s that one ID that kept going off during our shows last year. We tried to use our signature sound on top of a more rough type beat. Diede’s vocals were recorded on a rainy day together with Diego at the Grenswerk Studio’s in Venlo.”

Moksi Presents ‘T.T.Y.N.’, the First Single for the Upcoming ‘Free Moksi’ Album


About Moksi

After years of moving full-speed ahead, dropping some seventy tracks – including remixes and collaborations with Yellow Claw, DJ Snake and Hardwell – and establishing their unique, bass-laden, UK-influenced sound around the world, Moksi found themselves looking for a fresh approach in early 2020. As life fell silent, Samir and Diego journeyed inwards, reemerging from their hometown with a brand new full-length album after an almost two-year studio stint.

A return to form and a next chapter all at once, Free Moksi is a statement piece of a record. It’s a celebration of half a decade of dancefloor destruction and a music-filled brotherhood, honoring old influences and newfound inspiration on an immensely detailed 13-track album that oozes attitude, energy and euphoria.

Creating their genre-bending follow-up saw the Dutch duo following their instincts, overcoming strife and syncing their subconscious more than ever before. In doing so, Samir and Diego dove into that deep well of musical influences that brought them here, reaching back to their youth, the golden era of French filter house and UK garage’s inception.

All in all, Moksi’s latest is a labor of love: “It really gave us a new sense of focus and brought us back to our cores and the essence of what Moksi is. We hope it pushes you forward.”

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Moksi Presents ‘T.T.Y.N.’, the First Single for the Upcoming ‘Free Moksi’ Album

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