Israeli Psytrance Duo Vini Vici Combine The Metaverse & Reality on DiscoverFeed

Following the release of the world’s first digital twin metaverse business, DiscoverFeed have just announced the date for the second virtual show of this futuristic alternative.

Our team here at UFO Network are excited to get news out on DiscoverFeed’s latest gig featuring Israeli duo and force to be reconned with Vini Vici! Joining the latest hype that revolves around the fusion of both the real and the digital world, psytrance sensations Vini Vici will be providing fans alike with what is set to be one of their most unique and enticing performances to date. Set to perform at club Camelot in Japan on the 15th of January, the Israeli-duo will be taking to both the real-life, as well as the virtual stage, in order to deliver a show for the ages.

A truly unique concept in every sense, DiscoverFeed has taken the direct link between music and the metaverse that one level further, with this latest initiative a solid reminder of how significant technology and its constant advancements have become as time progresses. Having locked DANNIC for their debut virtual show back in December of last year, this ground-breaking achievement has further explored the array of possibilities involving live shows and their accessibility on a worldwide scale.

Israeli Psytrance Duo Vini Vici Combine The Metaverse & Reality on DiscoverFeed

In a simpler form, DiscoverFeed has set out on connecting fans alike with their favorite artists, and at the same time, ensure that their presence at an event does not necessarily have to always be in a physical form. Based on a specialist company in 3D scanning technology, this latest initiative has well and truly enabled the realization of a “digital twin,” and in turn, has resulted in the fusion of an actual space and the metaverse space.

Assigned with their own unique avatars, participants will have the opportunity to fully interact with everyone in the digital world, whilst every detail and occurrence that is taking place in the real world will be transferred in the same exact format within their chosen metaverse space. A mind-blowing project, to say the least, we can’t help but get caught in all the hype surrounding this new wave of digital connection.

Israeli Psytrance Duo Vini Vici Combine The Metaverse & Reality on DiscoverFeed

“DiscoverFeed provides club music fans around the world a unique form of enjoying music and entertainment in a virtual environment, most commonly known nowadays as – The Metaverse.” – DiscoverFeed Teaming up with well-renowned Japanese clubs Camelot and Sel Octagon Tokyo, this latest experience is most definitely one that you won’t want to miss out on. Offering a small glimpse into the bright future that lays ahead.

Whilst Vini Vici are all set to become the second-ever act that will simultaneously perform in the real and the digital world. Further information on set times and accessibility to the virtual Vini Vici show can be found HERE. Will you be joining us on this once in a lifetime opportunity? Get involved through the links below!

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Israeli Psytrance Duo Vini Vici Combine The Metaverse & Reality on DiscoverFeed

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