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John Alfa Releases New Energetic Tech House Single ‘Ride On’

John Alfa Releases New Energetic Tech House Single ‘Ride On’

Techno producer John Alfa is back with a high-energetic new single. This one entitled ‘Ride On’ released Friday 5th November via Libertas Records, following his last debuting single ‘Just Give it’ released in May this year.

Libertas Records, well-known emerging and innovative Dutch Record Label located in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, discovered John Alfa in the beginning of 2020 and since then they share a productive and creative partnership that seeks to shatter boundaries that push music in bold new directions.

’Ride On’ is a track that takes a bold, tech-house-influenced approach with a driving four-on-the-floor bassline that is guaranteed to get feet moving on the dancefloor. Pair that with profound rough synths that contrasts nicely with the catchy vocal riff. The track high-energy beat was conceived for shuffling, booty shaking at the club and to make “Ride On” a dancefloor hit.

John Alfa Releases New Energetic Tech House Single ‘Ride On’

John Alfa says, “This production literally rides on a bouncy, driving four-on-the-floor beat, complemented with dynamic synths and a catchy vocal riff that make for a natural dancefloor filler. I love to work on this kind of music, to pass on to people parts of my experiences. It would be awesome if I could evoke emotions and share a subconscious level with the listener.

The Portuguese producer uses techno and tech house music to illustrate images and shapes of deep and emotional human experiences in ways that the listeners could be driven to another dimension of sensations and experiences.

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John Alfa Releases New Energetic Tech House Single ‘Ride On’



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